September 2015

0.3.9 and Further

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This week we finally released 0.3.9 after three long months. Due to summer holidays and the sheer amount of fixes and new things we wanted to introduce it took a little longer than our usual one month deadline.

I wanted to break down a little bit what was introduced and in general what our plans are for the next version.

September Update

Earlier this month the next iteration of the mods came out. Both factions received some significant updates. In terms of new models, the Russians acquired the T-90A tank which is the currently fielded main battle tank of the AFRF as well as a new T-80UK modification. Bakerman meanwhile, worked very hard to enable very accurate simulation of the Shtora APS, which is a bit outdated to be very effective against modern US weapons still is very cool to see in action.

The dazzlers actually blind NV and FLIR sights and can shine red in 3rd person view (if you look at it in first person you will not see it as they emit in the IR spectrum thus our eyes cannot see it. He also introduced the AINET fuse system for vehicles that can use it. Further cool functional additions from Bakerman included the PSNR-5K "Tall Mike" radar get introduced to the BRM-1K. It allows you to perform ground radar surveillance and you can read more about it here and here.

Through a collaboration with =SappeR= and пионер we have also added the PTS-M to the mod. Unfortunately, due to the broken PhysX configuration, amphibious tracked vehicles are still not possible in Arma so it is still not fully functional, however you can already load and unload vehicles.

The US side of the mod saw a lot of work being done on finishing Cunico's SPC vests for the Marines and replacing the FROG uniform for a more accurate model. PuFu and RedPhoenix meanwhile managed to introduce a few new weapons: a Glock 17 and M32 Automatic Grenade Launcher respectively. The last dash before release saw us working collectively to replace the old M113 with Gurdy's new outstanding model.

Last but not least, LAxemann has been back from a short break to update almost all of the weapon sounds in both mods. He has also done an outstanding job in revamping some vehicle sounds. Here is a little overview of some US weapons.

So what's next you ask? Well, we are in full swing for 0.4. The one year anniversary of the first release is coming up and we want to release a solid new version of the mods around this time. As you might have seen we have included the new PAK-FA and we think the first iteration will make it in to 0.4. We hope to also complete some of the most requested things as surprises. Stay tuned!

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