Principle Author:  Bakerman


For all units in a mission

To disable radars mission wide, add the following line to the mission init.sqf file:

RHS_Radar_Enabled = false;

Alternatively when calling from a single machine the variable can be used as a global mission variable like so:

missionNamespace setVariable ["RHS_Radar_Enabled ", false, true];

For a specific vehicle

To disable the radar system of a specific vehicle the following should be placed in the init field of the unit or the mission init.sqf file:

// Replace 'this' with vehicle name if required
this setVariable ["RHS_Radar_Enabled", false];  


When enabled, the following object variables are available for 3rd party access:

// Radar state
RHS_Radar_Enabled = boolean;

// Detected objects
RHS_Radar_Contacts = array; 

// Local map markers
RHS_Radar_Markers = array; 

// Total detection count, used as ID for arrays
RHS_Radar_Counter = scalar;