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Tracked vehicles in Arma 3 cannot swim as of version 1.50!


The PTS is a Soviet tracked amphibious transport. PTS stands for Plavayushchij Transportyer - Sryednyj or medium amphibious transport vehicle. Its industrial index was Ob'yekt 65.

Introduced in 1965, it is large, with a substantial payload of 10 tons, two to four times the capacity of the BAV 485, and better cross-country performance, at the cost of greater somewhat higher purchase costs because it is tracked. The most common model is the improved PTS-M that is powered by a 350 hp diesel engine.

It has a boxy, open watertight hull, with six road wheels per side, front drive sprocket, rear idler sprocket, and no return rollers. Like the BAV 485, and unlike the DUKW, it has a rear loading ramp. The crew is seated at the front, leaving the rear of the vehicle open for a vehicle, which can be driven (or backed) in, rather than lifted over the side. To aid in facilitating this, the engine is under the floor.

Propulsion in water is by means of twin propellers, in tunnels to protect them from damage during land operations.

The PTS-M was adopted by the Soviet Army and Warsaw Pact forces, and has been supplied to Egypt, the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Uruguay, and other nations.

Loading of Vehicles

The driver of the PTS-M can Lower the ramp to allow vehicles to drive into the cargo compartment. Once the vehicle is inside the driver can raise the ramp to fasten the vehicle inside.

The PTS-M allows the transportation of vehicle with maximum mass between 5 and 10 tonnes, with increasing mass effecting performance and the center of mass of the PTS-M.

Masses larger than the allowed maximum will stop it from moving. Also badly positioned loads can move the center of mass to unacceptable offsets for transportation.

Since the space on either side of the vehicle in the loading bay is limited it is advised for the driver of the loaded vehicle to stay inside, as getting back in might be tricky.