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November 2017

Version what?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, when we thought we could release a beta version of the mod once a month, we have introduced the versioning scheme that we use now. Every big release is versioned x.y.z and any subsequent hotfix, due to their small nature, are appended by a patch version number to the end -> x.y.z.a. We are on a path to change this for good, for the better...


February 2017

RHS 0.4.2 Inventory Item Mass Revamp

In the last patch, we made an improvement that not many might notice at first glance. In 0.4.2 we rebalanced the inventory item mass of all items, including weapons, magazines, grenades, missiles, rockets and explosives. This blog post will explain the reasoning behind this refurbishment as well as the method of it.


January 2017

0.4.2 update, SAF and 2017

We have recently released one of the biggest updates for RHS mods so far; 0.4.2. We are really proud of the work that went into this one, and the results!

0.4.2 Update

It has taken us more time than we had initially planned or anticipated to get 0.4.2 ready for public release. Whilst these delays seemed to have turned into a habit, we have good reasons for it (besides the obvious real life work, universities, families etc). We wanted to finish what we had started on previously as work in progress rather than...


February 2016

Behind RHS Armor

Many players who are using the RHS mod for ARMA may wonder how our custom vehicle armor and ammunition systems work and what it takes to create them. Some may even confuse mechanics with game bugs. The following blog posts will cover both the research and implementation of the gathered data into the game.


December 2015

0.4.0 and 2016

Just in time for the Holidays around Christmas and New Year, we finally released a major milestone for RHS development: 0.4.0 update.

Took us longer to release it than it was initially planned, since it was decised to be delayed even further mainly due to the changes that occurred with the game patch v1.54 that changed quite a few things, especially when it comes to how the character damage is now handle by the engine, you can read more about that HERE


September 2015

0.3.9 and Further

This week we finally released 0.3.9 after three long months. Due to summer holidays and the sheer amount of fixes and new things we wanted to introduce it took a little longer than our usual one month deadline.

I wanted to break down a little bit what was introduced and in general what our plans are for the next version.


August 2015

Welcome To The First Blog

Hello, I am RedPhoenix, Content Creator for RedHammerStudios. In this first blog entry, I want to talk a bit about the future assets and WIP projects I am currently working on, as well as the current state of our vehicle PhysX.

Over the summer it did not seem that we made any progress. While this was true for a couple of weeks, due to vacation of several team members, we are now back. This meant that I choose another project to work on. Last Tuesday I sat down for a long stream developing the Gaz Tigr we had into the modernized Tigr-M. This meant, that several parts had to be altered, like the hood, but also that several new parts had to be made. The most noticeable ones are the air filtration system on the back of the truck, which is part of the new ABC-system of the Tigr-M, and smoke grenade launchers as part of a self-defense system.