Will you make XXX?

No idea. We have a huge list of things we want to make, but absolutely no idea if we will get a chance to make them all.

When will there be XXX?

Impossible to tell. It takes an incredible amount of time to produce a single asset, and with the volunteer nature of modding, we cannot reliably announce when it will be ready or whether it would be ready at all at some point.

When will the next update be released?

When it is ready. We do not disclose release dates, mainly because we do not know them ourselves.

Is it for free?

Yes. But it is not open source. When you install the addons you have to agree to the End User License Agreement in the README.md file.

Why are there so many Arma 2 ports? When will you replace them?

A lot of assets in Arma 2 were actually of very nice quality and it makes little sense to waste time and replace them. We agree that some will indeed need a retouch, and we will get to them in an orderly manner. Ah, also, did you notice that the ported content now has working mirrors, working doors, PhysX and decals!

Will there be tank interiors?

Vehicle interiors take a massive amount of effort to make, with often little to no functional return. We avoid making them when not needed functionally, like in tanks. Vehicles where you cannot get away with not having an interior, such as ones that have cargo positions, will receive fully detailed ones.

What is RHS: Escalation and why can't I find it on this site?

Escalation is the name given to the collective mod when running RHS: AFRF , RHS:USAF, RHS:GREF and RHS:SAF together. If you download and run all of them, then you have Escalation installed. We no longer distribute the mods in one package as they are no longer dependent on each other.

Are you going to fix incompatibilities with the mod XXX?

Our mod provides mainly new content, and a few features that only affect our content. So there's nothing in our end that creates incompatibilities with other mods.

So unfortunately there's nothing we can do in our end, it's up to other mod teams to add / extend their features to our content.

I found a bug! What should I do?

  1. Disable all other addons you loaded apart of RHS, control if bug still exists.
  2. If bug/error still exists, then do open a ticket at RHS Feedback http://feedback.rhsmods.org/

Now that you have made SAF, will you make all the other factions of the world?

I wanna make a request. You interested?

We get requests almost daily. Please believe us when we tell you that almost certainly we have already considered the thing you are requesting and the reason you have not seen it yet is that either no one wants to do it or we just didn't get there yet.

Where are the doomsday rounds?

Those rounds are hidden and only available via scripting. Use it at your own discretion

player addWeapon "rhs_weap_M590_8RD"; 
player addPrimaryWeaponItem "rhsusf_8Rnd_doomsday_Buck"; 
for "_i" from 1 to 3 do {player addItemToUniform "rhsusf_8Rnd_doomsday_Buck";};