United States armed forces brought to Arma 3 in full glory! Dozens of vehicles of every variety, units and weapons, all modeled and textured to the finest details and packed with features.


The mod contains a a large array of content representing the US Army and the US Marine Corps. When you download the pack this is what you can expect to find inside:


  • Several scratch built, accurate uniforms in various camo patterns.

  • Bulletproof and loadout vests like the IOTV.

  • Headgear, such as the ACH and OPS CORE.

  • New custom backpacks.


  • Infantry Fighting Vehicles such as the M2A2 Bradley and the M113.

  • M1A1 and M1A2 family of MBTs.

  • Artillery in the shape of the M109A6.

  • Choppers and planes, transport and attack versions.

  • Soft bodied cars and trucks.


  • M4 and M16 rifles with a large selection of attachments.

  • Sniper rifles and heavy machine guns.

  • Anti tank and anti aircraft weapons.


The mod doesn't just come with content. This is after all a total modification! Expect to see the following things:

  • Carefully crafted and fully functional Fire Control Systems for vehicles.

  • Fire From Vehicles added where appropriate.

  • Conformity to the newest features present in Arma 3 (bipods, slingloading etc.)

  • Interaction with weapons and vehicles.

  • New, realistic effects.

  • Custom and random decals in the form of emblems and vehicle numbers.

  • And many many more...



There are several ways you can acquire RHS: United States Armed Forces. The easiest and fastest way to be always up to date is to use the updater. This is our primary release method. Other methods maybe a bit delayed after release as they require some time to update.

The tables below contain the files and mirrors sorted by version.


Status: Current
Release Date: 2021-05-10

rhsusaf.0.5.6.bikey Steam Workshop


Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2021-04-21



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2020-10-26



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2020-10-14



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2020-05-18



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2020-05-09



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2019-11-20



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2019-08-11



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2018-09-16



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2018-08-20



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2018-08-13



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2018-01-16



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2017-11-09


Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2017-10-18



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2017-09-30


Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2017-04-04


Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2017-02-19



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2017-01-16


Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2016-07-21



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2016-05-16


Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2015-12-24



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2015-12-17


Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2015-09-16



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2015-09-13



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2015-06-11



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2015-04-19



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2015-02-27


Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2015-01-18



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2015-01-04



Status: Obsolete
Release Date: 2014-10-27


Changelog Legend

  • Added

  • Removed

@ Fixed

^ Improved


ADDED IN 0.5.6

  • 40mm Cluster Star (5x signal flare) magazines for M203/M320/M79 type single-shot, low-velocity grenade launchers. M585 white cluster, M663 green cluster, M664 red cluster


^ Slight adjustment to WMX200 flashlight scale

^ Added supply points to various vehicles -

^ Tweaked CLU hiding logic -

^ Tweaked ignition delay and burn time of 40mm flares to realistic values

^ Replaced rhs_mag_M585_white flare with rhs_mag_M583A1_white flare (M585 is a star cluster flare IRL). rhs_mag_M585_white class is now hidden but can still be loaded, though its displayname is also changed to M583

^ Adjusted green and red flare particles so that they don't look identical to white flares during daylight (green flares do still look quite white, as they do IRL)

^ Increased size and observable distance of M257 Hydra rocket's flare effect

^ Added affectedByWind = 1; property to US signal/illum flares (countermeasure flares unchanged)

^ Improved 105mm and 155mm ILLUM rounds: Converted to use submunitions system, added realistic burn times for flares and increased their illumination capability

^ Reduced thermobaric wave effects & disabled pp effects

^ Increased illumination capability of 40mm flares

^ Improved damage/destruction visuals of M1A2SEPv2

^ Adjusted HEAT submunition initial speed to take into account air friction -

^ Added some missing editor previews

^ Regenerated editor previews

^ Added experimental function to fix texture randomization on dedicated server

FIXED IN 0.5.6

@ Fixed weapon holder path in macro

@ Script error using Leica rangefinder when running RHSUSAF standalone

@ Fixed error in towing system when memory point is used for determining of attach point

@ Fixed non-convex geometry component in GMV M134-carrier turret and regenerated components names for all GMVs

@ M781 40mm Prac grenade was not sorted next to other RHS 40mm magazines in the Virtual Arsenal for weapons with an M320 UGL

@ 40mm stun grenade ammo class required AFRF

@ Fixed ghost LOD on Mk18 with M320

@ Fixed spawning of destroyed DUKE antennas when vehicle is completely destroyed -

@ Fixed SACLOS guidance was affected by gun FCS -

@ One of the addons was missing in load order list

@ Removed obsolete accessory from weapon crate


  • Removed macro-generated Item_rhs_mag_M585_white ground holder class (added in RHSUSF 0.5.5) for deprecated M585 magazine (legacy rhs_magazine_rhs_mag_M585_white still exists in hidden scope)


ADDED IN 0.5.5

  • Vert grip attachment for M4/M16 rifles w/M203 UGL

  • Adds Q-Net Armor to M1240A1 and M1277 M-ATV variants

  • Adds M1165A1 armoured GMV with SAG-2 (M2, Mk19 and M134 with scondary M240) and rear M240 swing-mount turrets

  • Added Q-Nets to M1277 M-ATV CROWS variants

  • Adds the first iteration of the M1A2 SEP V2 MBT, equipped with M153 CROWS

  • NXS sniper scopes (Navy/Marines '5.5-22x56' 2nd Focal-Plane and Army '3.5-15x50 F1' 1st Focal-Plane models. Includes long boi models with sunshade. Mil-dot and H58 reticles for 3.5-15x50)


^ Tweaked M11xx armor value so AI is engaging it with small arms

^ Added SCAR magazines to ammo crate

^ Adjusted opticType on RHS accessories

^ Reduced recoil of GAU8 -

^ Tweaked GBU-12 flight params - attempt to fix

^ Added spalling to vanilla HEAT penetrators

^ Added ability to detach empty FGM-148 tube

^ Reduced FGM-148 penetration to some more realistic values

^ Added ability to tow M119 Howitzer

^ Minor tweak to 105mm M14B1 casing geometry

^ Optimized wheels in last LOD of FMTV models

^ M119 Roadway LOD is hidden when vehicle is towed

^ Added MP7 muzzle accessories to Joint Rails (asdg_MuzzleSlot_46 )

^ Added compatibility entries for BIS accessories

^ Adjusted displaynames for M249s with Lightweight Collapsible Buttstock Assembly

^ Added some roundness to top LOD of UH-60 fuel tanks

^ Made ballistic glasses & goggles inventory icons more consistent with rest of the content

^ Tweaked announcer - pull up message is no longer triggered when gear is down

^ Slight section count reduction in all M11XX HMMWVs

^ Tweaked Bradley HE tracers size -

^ Reduced height of MRZR ViV bounding box to its height when the rollcage is folded

^ Moved a vertex on ported C-130J model that caused some texture distortion on one side of the fuselage

^ Towing user actions are now only available to players

^ Added TOW ammo hitpoint to M1134, M996 & M1045 -

^ Tweaked what weapons are visible in Eden ammo crate

^ Tweaked visibility of folded weapons in VA -

^ Experimental change to C130J hitpoints

^ Reduced CH53E AFM contact points

^ Adjusted alignment of O-GPK turret shadow on M-ATVs

^ Added additional particle effects to C130J - engine refract & extra destruction particle effects

^ Tweaked roadway setup of C130J so it starts correctly even when placed in Zeus

^ Tweaked front M1 gun limits -

^ Move forward M249 by 5cm to prevent various optics clipping when weapon is deployed in prone stance -

^ Adjusted turn in animation of M1151 GPK turrets gunners -

^ Added LODs to AN-PRC-152 editor prop

^ Added version of AN/PRC-152 configured as a basic radio-slot inventory item

^ Adjusted tan colour of WMX flashlight (thanks to Eagle and warden)

^ Improved M1127 Textures with full re-bake

^ Added experimental function which removes engine fire particle effects after vehicle was repaired & engine was turned on

^ Reworked AFG attachment position on SOPMOD Block 2 rifles

^ Reworked AFG attachment position on M16A4 rifles

^ Reworked AFG attachment position on HK416/M27 rifles

^ Corrected descriptionShort text on several 6Rnd. magazines for the M32

^ Reduced spalling on HEDP rounds fired from Mk19 due to their high rate of fire and amount of bullets it can create

^ Animated M240 feed cover on M1151/M1165

^ Configured MELB GAU-19/A fire rates selectable between 1000 and 2000 rpm per manufacturer's specs, as opposed to fixed 1300rpm rate per GAU-19/B (may switch back to limited ROF if research reveals the gun should indeed be limited on MELB)

^ Regenerated CfgPatches & ground holders for place able items. Warning! Old editor weapons received scope = 1

^ Added or fixed short description on many accessories & weapons

^ Tweaked MP7 rate of fire -

^ Tweaked detach action on helicopters & C130J

^ Increased Mk19 grenades life time -

^ Changed M-ATV, M1151 etc. M240 gunner anim to fix broken neck

^ Adjusted get in points & actions on static weapons + prepared them for 2.04 update

^ Tweaked resolution LODs on vehicle mounted M240B

^ Fixed some door behaviour on uparmoured HMMWVs

^ Added visual smoke shells to Stryker family

^ Tweaked rear rotors hitpoints on CH-47 & 53 -

^ Unified DAGR & FFAR hit values -

^ Tweaked sync of BFT map on large maps in MP

^ Slightly increased AI dispersion of man operated M2 machine guns

^ Moved MRZR-4 to the regular "Cars" Eden subcategory

^ Added ability to fold MP7A2

^ M240 OGPK and MCTAGS turrets updated with H24 cradle mount

^ Replaced barrel on Mk19 external view proxy model, with the more detailed barrel from View Gunner LOD

^ Tweaked DUKE destruction function to work better with MATVs

^ Improved M153 CROWS texture

FIXED IN 0.5.5

@ Fixed Lerca Tan icon error

@ Removed AI FCS laser magazines from Virtual Arsenal

@ Fixed camo1 selection in resolution LODS of rhs_spcs_rifleman.p3d & rhs_spcs_teamleader.p3d -

@ Fixed folding with safe mode turned on would result with one magazine missing -

@ Fixed issue when folding weapon could magically spawn new muzzle attachment -

@ American helicopters were missing correct rotor centre memory points -

@ Fixed gunner cue on AH-64 pilot seat was not updating correctly -

@ Assigned proper materials to engine & fuel tank of Littlebird + added armorComponents to above mentioned hitpoints -

@ Corrected M1117 crew -

@ Fixed wrong inheritance of spotting scope

@ M11xx were missing black out lights configs and started with BO lights on

@ Fixed M1151 with LRAS3 was missing gunner get in memory points

@ Fixed M998 4D antenna hiding (this time for real)

@ Removed duplicated LWIRCM from MELB-

@ M240 was missing a section of it's gas-tube underneath the bipod

@ Fixed duplicated glass selection on M1240a1 with mk19

@ Removed basket options from CH-53E

@ Wheel hitpoints belonging to the second axle on several MRAPs, had steering animations

@ Mk19 M1240A1 had some duplicated glass panes that did not follow turret rotation

@ M1277 M-ATV w/ Mk19 CROWS windows were not tinted the same as the other non-SOCOM M-ATVs

@ M1 tanks were not able to load more than 8 rounds via loadout editor in some cases

@ Fixed scripted turrets not being locked properly in MP -

@ M1 loader gun had wrong compartment defined

@ Not all M113 scripted turrets were locked properly

@ Turned out vehicle commander of Stryker was invisible for people inside when he was using one of the mounted weapons

@ Fixed small typo in FROG rvmat

@ 6Rnd. M662 Red Flare only contained one round

@ US Army & USMC helicopters were using wrong author string -

@ Fixed small typo in A10A flight model config -

@ Fixed door gunner limits on UH-60 -

@ Fixed UH-1Y copilot legs

@ ACU geometry model components were not conventionally numbered

@ Replaced "&" with "+" on grip & bipods combos since inventory system is using structured text - this resulted & being treated as html code.

@ Fixed bipods reappearing when dismounting gripod -

@ Fixed spacing between components on M1 tanks which resulted in MG bullets going through rear armor -

@ Fixed IBAS FCS when M791 rounds are loaded -

@ MRZR-4 blackout light did not fully hide when turned off

@ Spent cases were not ejecting from the correct position on some vehicles with M240 turrets

@ M1151 Mk19 O-GPK ammo box was part of the Mk64 gun mount retexture selection in View Gunner LOD

@ Ammo boxes did not fully hide on roof of M1245 M-ATV

@ Removed obsolete hit part EH

@ Fixed ammo in editor M49 mine objects -



^ Made antenna animations on M11xx series bit more smooth

^ Added camo variants of M8541 with high mount

^ Adjusted to high max fording depth on non USMC M11xx, M998 & M1025 series vehicles

^ Tweaked max wheels turning angle

^ USMC M11xx vehicles are using proper exhaust points

^ Added new DVE screen to rest of Stryker variants

^ Adjusted M995 AP caliber (penetration) value following initSpeed correction

FIXED IN 0.5.4

@ Fixed flying of SACLOS missiles over line of sight

@ Some of the M1 groups were still using old names

@ Fixed afterburner script exit condition

@ Fixed missing picture error for M24 & Leopold binoculars

@ Updated USAF load order & preload list to prevent some of the addons missing from Zeus on dedicated server + fix dependencies of 3rd addons which relay on USAF loadorder addon

@ Fixed glass selections in fire geometry of M1151 with MCTAGS turret & added missing weapon proxy in FG -

@ M1127 Stryker RV missing mirror material in external LOD

@ Fix missing para folded icons which I forgot to commit -

@ Unified engine damage configuration between M11xx & M1025

@ Fixed M18 Yellow Smoke grenade translation -

@ Some M855 ball and M995 AP mags inherited M855A1 initSpeed

@ Fixed M113 with Mk19 missing turret selection -


ADDED IN 0.5.3

  • Added M1151

  • Added M1152

  • Added M1165 ASV for USAF Security Forces

  • Added winch and AN/AAQ-24 DIRCM meshes to CH-53E model, and copied over improved FLIR mesh from UH-1Y. Credit to Odyseus for providing the winch

  • Stryker accessories

  • M1126 olive (dirty) textures

  • Created rhsusf_props

  • M995 5.56mm AP ammunition pouches for M249 (DODIC AA02: 4-M995 AP/1-M856 Tracer, Linked)

  • Stryker decal plane and decal files

  • Adds M1240A1 with Underbody Improvement Kit (UIK), in M2, M240, and Mk 19 variants. Q-Net armor and additional tow bar accessory to follow.

  • Adds M1277 with A1 kit (name change from M1240 CROWS, model and clsss names remain the same)

  • Adds the shot finder (boomerang) made by Foxone to the M1245 M2 and Mk19


^ Tweaked Stryker LODs

^ Removed baked ambient shadow from Tan Stryker hull texture -

^ Added Grenade Launcher Unit Assembly controls to M1127

^ Reduced TOW AI autoseek

^ Increased max AI engagement range for M256 cannon (up to 5km)

^ Tweaked materials for GLUA model in UI

^ Reduced delay between shots for AI in tanks could -

^ USF config was overriding AFRF FCS ammo configuration

^ ERA is more fragile to heavy AP rounds

^ Added subtle refract particle effects to missiles

^ Another attempt at fixing occluders after binarization

^ Tweaked M1134 alpha sorting in gunner LOD

^ M1126, M1127, M1132, M1134 Now have comms install in interior LODS. Consists of AN/VRC-92, AN/VIC-3 IC Boxes, and associated cabling.

^ Updated side mount JR config in USAF

^ Adds M1132 with plow hidden by default. M1132 with plow re-named to M1132 (M2) SMP.

^ M1165 Test added (non-working, currently invisible)

^ M1165 Texture Improvements

^ M1165 fire supp kit re-added

^ Adds non-functional comms kit for M1151/M1165

^ Adds non-functional tactical markings (camo7)

^ Adds proper string table names

^ Adds USMC versions of M1151/M1165

^ Adds IFF Panels

^ New tac markings

^ Tweaked interior camo selection of MATVs

^ Separated the raised exhaust from intake for future versions

^ Adds LODs

^ Improved M1151 Wheels

^ Added more M1151/M1165 Names to Stringtable

^ Adds Rhino to M1151

^ Improved RVMAT for Ext

^ Added hidden selection to Mk. 64 mount (non working)

^ M1152 String table added

^ Improvements to M1152 and the whole thing won't pack anymore :(

^ Corrected tracer burn times and colors for various 120mm rounds

^ Improved New Front Bumper textures - rebaked

^ Adjusted displayname strings of Mk19 vehicles to be consistent (Should be no more Mk 19/Mk.19/MK19/etc. variations when searching Eden)

^ M1152 SICPS Radio Kit Install part way done

^ M1152 SICPS Textures

^ Olive M1152/M1165 texture

^ Improved interior textures

^ Improved ACC Textures

^ Improved SICPS Textures

^ Improved Ext textures for removal of non-us specific equipment

^ Added a few more edges to UH-1Y FLIR ball to make it appear more round

^ Added basic LRAS3 functionality to M1151 (still needs completely new set of animations)

^ Covered some visible mesh holes/backfaces on CH-53

^ tweaked stryker textures

^ removed redundant geometry

^ Tweaked dispersion of USAF weapons -

^ Tweaked M240 recoil -

^ Small optimization to optic PiP handler

^ Tweaked 40mm HEDP damage so AI is now using it against IFVs -

^ Tweaked recoil of 40mm grenades after after damage change + changed Mk19 CoM

^ Tweaked CH-53E RTD land contact points & adjusted geo physx

^ Small tweak to FMTV deploy event handler

^ RHINO is now how in TI when turned on -

^ Some fixes to stryker textures

^ Updated stryker wheel textures

^ Added DCL-120 & inversed kinematics to UH60M gunners

^ Tweaked UH1Y gun limits & gunner animations

^ Added DCL120 scope to UH1Y & CH47 miniguns

^ Tweaked damage behaviour of helicopters

^ Some adjustments to Joint Rail optics setup on Sniper/DMR rifles

^ Moved railed M14 TOP optics proxy forward slightly to accommodate Leupold Mk.4 M3

^ Added nicer DVE to Stryker

^ Added MWC to stryker rear

^ Adjusted M1025/998/1045 series destroyed model

^ Adjusted M1025/998/1045 dashboard materials

^ Added animated suspension to M1025/998/1045

^ Changed default BO lights status on USAF vehicles

^ Added US Stencil decal font set

^ Added weapon inertia to Caiman & Cougar

^ Tweaked some speed, penetration, and/or damage values for a few 7.62x51 and 5.56x45 rounds

^ Added US Flag to ACU in several versions

^ Improved stryker hull ao and improved wheel textures

^ Few more UH1Y variants will be now visible in VG

^ Improved textures on MATV MRAP

^ Added facewear proxy to ACU first person LOD

^ CBA JAM magazineWells for more weapons

^ Tweaked beam ridding behaviour

^ Tweaked M1025/M998 damage selections once again

^ Minor improvements to C-130J propeller shadows

^ Added straps to Stryker Jerry cans on M1126 M2 only

^ Laser/Light attachments can be fitted to forward scout rail on 'SOCOM 16 (Rail)' (bear in mind lasers/lights will clip some long scopes models that fit on the optic rail, and obstructs ironsights)

^ Vastly improved M113 M2 gunner front windshield fire geometry

^ Added few more customization options to M113 (WIP)

^ Added separate commander turret to M113 - it's now possible to turn in & use FFV

^ Tweaked M113 shadow LOD around commander hatch

^ Added inertia to M113 weapons

^ Added weapon inertia to mounted M2 on FMTV & HEMTT

^ Added inertia to weapons mounted on M1 Tanks

^ Added separate turret for M1 Loader - player may now use FFV & M240 separately. Loader now can also use visor mounted on top of his hatch & this setup prevents bug with TI zoom on M1A2 Loader gun.

^ Added KIA anims for new M113 commander moveset

^ Renamed M1A1SA to M1A1AIM, since models are actually representing AIM variants

^ Added weapon proxy to Fire Geometry of FMTV, Caiman, Cougar, M1127 & RG33L

^ Added turret adjustment option to gunner of various pintle mounted weapons - use "Adjust up/down" action (default Ctrl+W/S) to lower or expose your character more (WIP)

^ Added suspension animation to M1151

^ Tweaked geometry PhysX & centre of mass of M1151

^ Added M1 TUSK cannon M2 to Fire Geometry

^ Fixed textures for boomerang on M1245

^ Added action to raise & lower TOW tripod in Eden editor via attribute

^ Tweaked VG options configuration on M1097 -

^ Adds hidden selection to the M1151 LRAS3 that doesn't work..

^ Added flag proxy to Strykers

FIXED IN 0.5.3

@ Fixed default value in M1132 Distance Interval variable

@ Fixed Lerca zoom -

@ Fixed wrong passenger position in 2nd LOD on M1127

@ Fixed wrong behavior of cargo occluders after binarizing p3d on Stryker series -

@ Automatic troops NVG handler no longer replaces NVG on character head if there is already some NVG attached to it

@ USAF references to AFRF which resulted in broken get out action if AFRF was not loaded -

@ Gauges added to M1151

@ Gauge fixes for M1151

@ M1151/M1165 Shadow LOD fixes

@ M1165 WD does not appear in Garage any longer

@ Renamed camo7 to i1 to support decal system forthcoming

@ Fixed USMC Versions

@ Adds CIP Hidden panels

@ Set the snorkel to translate mode but then I broke it

@ Fixed air scoop shadow LOD issue

@ Fixed some Mk 19 stuff for later version

@ Fixed gunner proxies on M2 Version

@ Fixed the Hidden select on the Mk 64 mount (da12thmonkey lives!!)

@ Muzzle flash proxy was not visible when firing MG on some Stryker variants (possible zasleh/muzzleFlash selections clash)

@ Added the CIP to the selection, but appear to have broken the M1152

@ Fixed cargo proxy on M1152, will do to rest later

@ Camo selection added to M1151 Deploy Mk 64 Mount

@ Fixed M1152 RSV

@ Fixed placement of some comms kit in SICPS

@ Fixed M1151 Ext NOHQ

@ Reduced M14 max zeroing from 2000m to 1200m

@ Fixed hiding of spare wheel on hemtts

@ Fixed typo in buoyancy named property on hemtts

@ Fixed DUKE script behaviour on dedicated server -

@ SU-260/P (MDO) wasn't using correct inventory image

@ Fixed Stryker AI cargo issue - Troop Commander is now commander of whole vehicle -

@ fixed stryker hull AO issue

@ Fixed some CfgMoves .rpt errors related to M1127

@ C130J cargo is now only detached when speed is lower than 10m/s -

@ Fixed VG radar action for AH64D on dedicated server -

@ Fixed stryker interior colors

@ missing STORM texture

@ Removed decals from stryker interior

@ Stryker interior AO fixes

@ Weird layer on pioneer equipment

@ Changed opacity on woodland stryker tire dirt

@ Added missing bipod sounds USAF accessories

@ Changed position of all M11XX front suspension to be aligned center

@ Fixed shadows on Cougar turrets

@ Fixed glass pieces on Cougar Mk19 turret

@ Fixed UH1Y door hiding Virtual Garage action -

@ M-ATV Mk.19 CROWS had the wrong "camo" retexture selection in distant LODs

@ Fixed rear MATV SOF textures

@ Fixed the MATV SOF rear WD Texture

@ Fixed MATV Ext textures

@ Fixed inaccurate displayName for some Flare/Chaff magazines

@ Underwing fuel-tanks were visible in C-130J shadow in spite of being removed from visual LODs

@ Fixed Mk17 LB transformed into wrong variant when folded -

@ Fixed MATV Ext and Interior textures

@ AH-1Z's cannon ammunition incorrectly labeled as SAPHEI-T (tracer ammo) rather than SAPHEI

@ M240G had some overlapping camo selections

@ Changes the M1240 CROWS to M1277

@ Fixed alpha order for windows on all A1 MATVs

@ Rebaked M1240A1 / M1277 textures to fix a a few errors

@ Fixed M107 ghost LOD -

@ Fixed AI spawning on new Loader MG turrets

@ Fixed order of turrets on M1A2 TUSK I

@ Fixed missing muzzle flashes on M1XX & MATVs

@ Fixed M11xx PKM gunner view & gunner animations

@ HEMTT ammo carrier with APK+M2 only had single memory point in its damper axis (broken suspension travel and gunner IK)

@ FFV751 was missing tandem HEAT warhead property -

@ Some of the single shot rockets had mass assigned

@ Fixed ballistic glasses strings -

@ Fixed M7 LVOSS with new geo and textures

@ Fixed rhsusf_M1085A1P2_B_D_Medical_fmtv_usarmy deploy action -



^ Tweaked LRAS3 MFD

^ Reduced M1134 turret rotation speed

^ Improved M1134 Gunner Panel materials

^ Added editor previews for new Stryker variants

^ Tweaked M1134 gunsight

^ Tweaked M1134 MFD & PiP screen

^ Cleaned up inheritance on RHS assets (declarations in wrong place) to fix potential clashes with other mods

^ Updated head injury macros to be up to date with Old Man

^ Fixed the M1134 Desert texture to include TOW Missiles details from the woodland ones

^ Added magazine Wells to M256 & M242

^ Added "rhs_mag_70Rnd_25mm_M242_M791" magazine to be used with M242

^ Added emissive material to burning engine sparks

^ Added optic destruction to new Stryker variants

^ Tweaked new Stryker variants TI textures

^ M1134 Stryker now spawns with full crew

^ Added Lane Marker System to M1132

^ Tweaked Stryker durability

FIXED IN 0.5.2

@ Fixed typo in virtualAmmoBox.sqf

@ Mast unfolding works also in Virtual Garage when damage on vehicle is disabled

@ Fixed missing front sight for M14 (RIS) -

@ Fixed position of SOCOM flash hider in first person LOD

@ Fixed wrong gunner proxy index on M1240 (M2) -

@ Adds Desert texture for M1127

@ Adds desert LRAS3 texture

@ Adds M1132 ESV Desert + hidden selections

@ Adds M1134 ATGM Desert + hidden selections

@ Added workaround for broken vanilla missile manual control on AI. TOW should usable be AI even if target has engine off -

@ Fixed UH-1Y gunner view memory points -

@ Fixed missing Smokegen string when running USAF standalone

@ Fixed missing STR_RHS_AUTHOR_FULL errors when only USAF mod was loaded

@ Cleaned up M136 & fixed its SMDI map

@ Fixed visibility of Raven laser designator -

@ Fixed seat switching with "F" key on M1127

@ Fixed DVE action availability -

@ Fixed C130J vehicle paradroping error


ADDED IN 0.5.1

  • add vehicle in vehicle transport to CH-47 config

  • add vehicle in vehicle transport to CH-47 model

  • Vehicle in Vehicle Transport for C-130 model

  • Vehicle in Vehicle Transport for C-130 config

  • Adds the first iteration of the M1127 Stryker RV for de-bugging purposes (Not functional)

  • Adds DVE for Reyhard to use in various US Forces vehicles

  • Adds first iteration of the M1132 Engineer Squad Vehicle (ESV) with M2, and Surface Mine Plow (SMP).

  • Adds M1126 Stryker with Mk. 19 GMG

  • Adds DVE to RG-33 SOCOM ASV, and RG-33L 6X6 Series of MRAPs

  • Adds DVE to M1239 SOCOM AUV

  • Adds DVE to M142 HIMARS

  • Adds first commit of the M1134 Stryker ATGM Vehicle.

  • Adds detail to gunners controls

  • add vehicle in vehicle transport to CH-53 config and model

  • Adds the M240B MMG to the M1134 Commander's position, except not-working. Only animated.

  • Added M14 by WinteR5


^ Added scripted workaround for planes not willing to engage ground targets if they have WSO

^ Tweaked ACOG back lens triangulation -

^ Changed M151 description from HEDP to HE -

^ Removed explosion sound from penetrator base class

^ Tweaked GBU-12 center of mass

^ Improved AGM-114 accuracy in terminal phase

^ Increased MP7 ammo damage output -

^ Added some workaround for SACLOS not working with AI with vanilla manual control - might be reverted if it contains some nasty side effects -

^ Tweaked SCAR-H recoil values -

^ Tweaked optics post processing effects

^ M9 hammer animation set to single action

^ Tweaked ERA blocks durability against HEATs

^ Added healing attribute to M1230A1 + added few more first aid kits & medikits -

^ Tweaked M68CCO & SU-278 visuals when aiming down the sight

^ Tweaked M1240A1 weight -

^ Tweaked M150 PP effects

^ M19 is now triggered only on contact - placing mines in the middle of road will be no longer effective

^ M19 is now using additional penetrator to simulate blast damage

^ Added simple Rhino system to MATV (work on M1240A1 with M2 variant only at the moment)

^ Added visible waypoints to Stryker BFT

^ Tweaked Stryker Vehicle Commander view

^ Removed Stryker periscope full screen mode since periscopes can be used from vehicle interior

^ Tweaked hitpoints configuration on MATV + more tweaks to fire geometry

^ Added proper firegeometry to MATV -

^ Optimized R2T on MATV gunner positions - mirrors are no longer rendered when you are on gunner seat which result in smoother CROWS PIP screen

^ Tweaked interior glass of MATV

^ Applied RHINO functionality to rest of MATVs

^ Tweaked MATV dashboard texture

^ Changed MATV inheritance - add couple more base classes

^ Added bounding box extender to MATV to ensure proper damage detection to RHINO

^ Added RHINO destruction particle effects

^ Added test BFT map to MATV

^ Tweaked wheels hitpoints on MATV & M1117

^ Adjusted map icons for MATV

^ Reduced Rhino durability

^ Tweaked M1025 driver animation -

^ Tweaked C130J copilot animation -

^ Increased HEAT & ATGM indirectHit range -

^ Tweaked MATV interior (unarmed variant for now)

^ Tweaked Javelin locking in top down mode

^ Added DVE & new dashboard textures to M1240 (basic variant only for now)

^ Tweaked DVE picture in picture screen ratio & added emissive material

^ Tweaked MATV wheel rvmats

^ Added separate TI rvmat for spare wheels for rest of MATV variants

^ Added few more details to MATV interior

^ MATV left mirror bounding box is moved away to the left when DVE is deployed so only one render source is used

^ Added DAGR GPS MFD to M1240 (basic variant only)

^ Added scripted solution for M1240 gear indicator

^ Splitted BFT function to separate file

^ Changed Co-Driver configuration on MATV - WARNING! It's now using turret, instead of regular seat meaning that missions with crew inside might need updating!

^ CROWS screens in MATVs are now emitting some actual light

^ New interior applied to all MATV variants

^ All MATV doors are animated with same speed now

^ Increased FFV rotation limits on MATV SOF variants (more freedom traded for visuals)

^ Tweaked M1126 (Mk19) inheritance

^ Added acceleration pedal animation to MATVs

^ Added various small dashboard indicators (lights, parking brake, service lights) to MATV

^ MATV co driver & Stryker Vehicle Commander can now use waypoint manager

^ Tweaked BFT brightness in direct light

^ Added data link to MATVs - they report now their position and get allies location on BFT

^ Tweaked BFT map rotation (reduced animPeriod to 0 - rotation should be smooth and instant)

^ Added handbrake to MATV

^ CH-53E user actions are now also available when using remote controlled unit

^ Tweaked sounds EH macros (simplified them)

^ Tweaked CH-47 floating time -

^ Zeroed Mk17 ironsights to M80 Ball -

^ Tweaked M113 Mk19 view gunner ammo box -

^ Added glass destruction to Cougars

^ Added RHINO functionality to M1230 & M1237 vehicles

^ Tweaked UH60M max landing speed

^ Tweaked M1025/M998 wheel hitpoints

^ Added cargo variants of CH-47F and C130J

^ Added new animation for M1134 gunner

^ Updated RHS loader to Old Man update

^ Added additional Stryker icons and updated CfgPatches

^ add cargo variant to CH-53

^ add CH-53 cargo classes to CfgPatches

^ Added new inventory icons for US backpacks

^ Tweaked load of Eagle backpack -

^ Added inertia to static M2 (test)

^ Added some basic handling of M1127 weapons

^ Enabled periscopes on M1134

^ Added animations for M1127 gunner

^ Tweaked gunner animations on M1127 (added IK)

^ Added PiP to LRAS3

^ Added KIA animations for new stryker poses

^ Added inertia to MATV OGPK mounted weapons

^ Added smoke launcher mem points for M1134

^ Tweaked locality of LOAL script -

^ Added animation for folding of marker dispenser to M1132

^ Improved camera movement on static weapons

^ Added new icon for Eagle III (Coyote) backpack

^ Added toolkit and mine detector to EOD Technicians

^ Added animated ironsights to M14

^ Added magazine proxies to M14

^ Added M80 ball magazines for M14

^ Added icons for M14 inventory accessories

^ Tweaked muzzle flashes on new M14 accessories

^ Standardized M14 fire geometry

^ Reconfigured muzzle attachments on M14 & M14 EBR

^ Tweaked PP Effects on G33

^ Reorganized some of the scopes within JR framework - moved i.e. M150 + PNVS variant to long rail variant only

^ Added custom recoil for M14

^ Tweaked dispersion across M14 family

^ Tweaks to inertia of some weapons

^ Added turret lock indicator to M1134

^ Added action to fold mast on M1134

^ Added action to M1132 to unfold Lane Marking System (not working yet)

^ Added some scripted reticle for LRAS3

^ Added turret hitpoints to M1134

^ Updated M14 textures + added Fiberglass variant

^ Added M14 ground holders and Virtual Ammo Box entries

^ Configured M1134 commander pintle weapon

^ Added basic MITAS MFD

^ Added damage textures to new Stryker variants

^ Added new desert Stryker variants to CfgPatches

^ Tweaked PIP acog scopes (removed rvmat from R2T - picture should bit brighter)

^ Updated crew proxies in Stryker fire geometry

^ Added basic MFD for Stryker LRAS3

FIXED IN 0.5.1

@ HIMARS launcher hitpoint & firegeometry fixes -

@ Fixed missing MATV KIA animation

@ Fixed wrong ammo in Mk14 Mk316 magazine -

@ FMTV, MATV, Cougar, Caiman, HEMTT & Stryker were missing memory points for wheel trails decals -

@ Fixed M1A1 driver KIA animation -

@ Fixed glove clipping on G3 uniform

@ Added missing supply memory point to CH-53 -

@ Fixed missing supply memory point on few M977A4 variants -

@ Tweaked M1126 geometric occludders for passengers -

@ Updated MATV CfgPatches -

@ Fixed M397 bouncing mine functionality -

@ Removed 3UGL from M320 GL

@ Fixed some z fighting in Stryker cargo compartment

@ Fixed missing damage UI in Stryker

@ Fixed Stryker Vehicle Commander LOD in optics mode

@ Fixed some potentially inherited MFD values for UH1Y

@ Mk19 static weapon had wrong components in fire geometry

@ Fixed MATV glass hitpoints

@ Fixed M1245 was missing MFD memory points

@ Fixed FFV restrictions on one of the M1079 seats

@ Fixed DUKE system destruction on MATVs

@ Fixed 2nd missing UV set on MATV CROWS lenses + tweaked materials

@ Fixed MATV turret mirrors on M240 & Mk19 variant

@ DIRCM was affecting radar guided missiles -

@ AIM-9M on AH1Z is now using correct model of AIM9M

@ Fixed M1117 hull hitpoints -

@ Fixed red dot on G33 with T1 combo -

@ Fixed missing sections rpt errors for Stryker, HEMTT & FMTV

@ Fixed MATV gunner hatch was closed from passenger seat of M2 variant

@ First config of M1127 Turret

@ M1127 Shadow LOD fix, turret configging, model cfg editing fixes

@ Maybe fixed the DVE file with a PBO Prefix

@ Fixed M1240 spare wheel TI texture

@ MATV DVE monitor was shutting down when reversing due to BBoxes being to close to head

@ Co-driver of armed MATVs was missing BFT scale adjust action

@ Fixes a mem point on M1232 RG-33L 6X6

@ Possibly fixed M142 HIMARS config

@ M142 Mirror selection delete in Pilot LOD

@ Fixed missing icon on SU230A/PVS when 3D mode was used -

@ Fixed CH-53E fold action didn't synchronize fuel status correctly when folding or unpacking -

@ Fixed UV offset on some of the scopes -

@ Fixed rpt spam related to wheel reference

@ Fixed rpt spam related to duplicated DUKE weapons

@ Fixed missing OGPK mirrors points on RG33L & Caiman

@ Fixed bits of Cougars fire geometry

@ Fixed FMTV SOV .rpt errors

@ Fixed FMTV SOV had wrong turret attenuation

@ Fixed few rpt errors on RG33, Stryker & SOCOMAUV

@ Fixed .rpt error about "dimension should be array of 2" for static weapons

@ Fixed M1A1HC Olive texture after removing IFF panel -

@ Fixed some .rpt errors with FG

@ Fixed M109 assert connected to Commander memory points

@ Fixed duplicated weapons for M2A2 due to VG components

@ Fixed AIM9M error on AH1Z (magazine compatibility)

@ Fixed some wrong components on M1A2

@ Fixed UH60M was spawning above its land contact points

@ Fixed some .rpt errors related to CH53

@ Fixed: The M1134 Gunner now has the top hatch in Pilot LOD

@ M1127 LOD improvements

@ M1127 Adds Gunner Traverse Controller Stick

@ M1127 Interior texture improvements / LOD fixes

@ Added M1134 Fire geo

@ Interior texture fixes

@ Sight housing and assy now rotates with the TOW Missile Carrier

@ Adds M1127 Smoke Grenade Discharger Panel Mask

@ Up-sized the M1134 Mask to 2K

@ Slightly improved M1127 Smoke panel texture

@ Changed NOHQ to account for movement of the Azimuth indicator on the gunner's panel

@ Fixed HMG reload sounds

@ Fixed missing NVG shadow in view pilot

@ Fixed missing uvset on M8541 scopes

@ Added some missing memory points to RHS_M14_RAIL.p3d

@ Fixed one error related to turn out on Strykers

@ Fixed muzzle flashes on M1134 & M1127 weapons

@ Fixed rogue component in Fire Geo of m1a1hc.p3d

@ Fixed flashbang script not working when AFRF was not loaded -


  • Remove M1134 mask file and changes with mask_ca


ADDED IN 0.5.0

  • Added SOCOM AUV and SOCOM ASV Ammmo Boxes to all variants as a configurable option

  • M1240 M-ATV MRAP (M2, Mk. 19, M240, OGPK and CROWS)

  • Extra Hellfire and DAGR magazines positioned for fixed-wing aircraft (A-29 etc)

  • M257 Hydra 70mm ILLUM rocket. Flare ignites after ~10 seconds of flight: approx 3km-4km ahead of launch point. Provides up to 120s of illumination.

  • Added M1245 MATV SOF Version.


^ Added 2 IHADSS helmets to AH64 cargo & removed parachutes from it -

^ Tweaked Stryker BFT

^ Added mirror folding VG attribute to Stryker

^ Lowered M1 Abrams interior engine sounds -

^ Added death animations to Stryker crew

^ Tweaked Stryker airman guards position to reduce clipping with other passengers

^ Optimized interior light toggle function

^ Stryker config clean up

^ Improved FCBC2 symbology on Stryker MFD

^ Added new VG icons for HMMWVs

^ Added working periscopes to Stryker Vehicle Commander

^ Improved Stryker BFT MFD

^ Updated folding script with support for custom folding gestures ("rhs_fold_anim" param)

^ Matched woodland FMTV wheel color to current woodland textures

^ Added geometric occluders to Stryker interior

^ Added folding animations to Mk17

^ Added recoils for folded SCARs

^ Adjusted M2 CROWS zeroing settings to be consistent with LRF + tweaked manual steps on Caiman & RG33 -

^ Tweaks to SCAR folding initialization

^ Added additional resolution LOD to ACU

^ Tweaked MATV physx

^ Made aiming cursor availability on mounted M240s, consistent with other MGs

^ M240H now ejects appropriately sized cartridges (see GREF UH-1H)

^ Changed M3 HMG name

^ Re-equipped A-10A with USAF gray LAU-131 rocket pods (legacy green ones are still available, renamed as LAU-68 but retain the extant 'rhs_mag_FFAR_7_USAF' classname)

^ Replaced all 40mm HE with HEDP

^ Switched regular US Army desert units to OEF-CP ACUs

^ Changed displaynames for helicopter rockets referencing "FFAR" to "Hydra" since FFAR is an older generation of rocket

^ rhs_mag_FFAR_7_USAF (Green LAU-68 rocket pods for fixed-wing aircraft) now fires old-style 70mm FFAR rockets, more suited to the classname

^ Tweaked shotgun reload script

^ Tweaked spalling properties

^ Added additional optics components to interior of Bradley

^ Tweaked twin M3 HMG configuration

^ Added workaround for AI not being able to eject from planes with ejecting seats

^ Tweaked LR AA missiles behavior -

^ Added AI friendly laser designators to helicopters

^ Added ability to manually reload M2, M240 & Mk19 on vehicle mounted weapons like M113 or MATVs by pressing reload key ("R")

^ Added custom recoil to M590 shotgun

^ Unified CROWS zoom levels -

^ Converted CROWS screens to MFD tech

^ Updated HUD horizon on A10A & F22A

^ Enabled interior cargo light in Stryker

^ Tweaked AH-64 interior light

^ Tweaked attenuation values on CROWS turrets

^ Added experimental interior shoting sounds to some vehicle mounted weapons

^ Tweaked attenuation settings of static weapons

^ Added LOAL mode to DAGR

^ DAGR was missing cam shake when being fired

^ Tweaked cam shake settings across USAF vehicles

^ Tweaked water resistance settings of UH60M & CH-47 -

FIXED IN 0.5.0

@ Fixed C-130J not flying in 3den editor -

@ Fixed CH-47 & CH-53 downwash effect + improved buoyancy

@ Fixed Stryker rear wheels destruction animation

@ Fixed Stryker passenger seats (#1 was not accessible)

@ Fixed some shotgun reload function errors -

@ Fixed some Stryker hatches related issues

@ Fixed Stryker Air Guards had extra reflectors (searchlights)

@ Fixed some errors with folding script if weapon was without magazine -

@ Fixes ammo crates on top of M1239 AUV Mk. 19

@ Fixes window glass on M1238A1.p3d

@ Adds mirror glass to LOD 0/1/2/3/4 of the M1239 AUV

@ Fixed missing hands weighting in 3rd resolution LOD of ACU

@ Fixed TOW missiles being unresponsive if AI is being ordered to fire them by player commander -

@ 20 round M196 tracer mag had incorrect displayname string

@ M240 was missing safe mode switching sound -

@ Fixed some accessories icons -

@ Adds 2x more string entries for MATV names

@ Fixed M781 Practice round was missing in magazine well -

@ Fixed M2A2 components (regenerated then)

@ Fixed MATV OGPK M2 turret loadout -

@ Removed wrong config overwrites in USAF mod -

@ Added olive texture for M-ATV

@ Changed a bit MATV armor -

@ Fixed CH47 RTD ground contact points -

@ Missing door sound error on MRAPs when running USAF standalone

@ Some UH-60 variants could carry more occupants than they should

@ Fixed SMAW missile trail cfg -

@ Pass with CheckAll o2script - fixed otocHlaven/OtocHlaven on MATV

@ Fixed AOR2 texture -

@ Fixed duplicated hitpoints .rpt errors with static weapons

@ Fixed some missing texture error with MATV


ADDED IN 0.4.9

  • M1126 Stryker ICV

  • Tan pilot helmets to reflect change in US Army standard issue helmet color.

  • M16A4s with VLTOR IMOD buttstocks. Thanks to toadie2k for the stock model

  • M249 PIP with solid buttstock and RIS

  • Added M49A1 tripware flare

  • MK17 SCAR (standard FDE, and special 'murican textures)

  • M249 Lightweight Collapsible Buttstock

  • Added simple CWSS FCS for M1A1s with commander's Thermal Sight Module

  • Alternate ACH helmets with tan rhino mounts

  • Helmet randomization

  • Added new uniform inventory icons

  • Added unflip functions to MRZR

  • Additional M81, UCP, and Coyote Brown 100 and 200 round softpack mags for the M249

  • GAU-21 HMG added to CH-53E ramp (model by nextanimationstudio, gifted to RHS by armyinf & co.)

  • M1239 SOCOM Armored Utility Vehicle, designated M1239 AUV in game. Un-armed, M2 and Mk19 CROWS Variants

  • Adds all comms equipment as master file for all vehicles with comms gear, and AN/PRC-152 test object

  • M1238A1 RG-33 SOCOM Armored Security Vehicle 4X4. Un-armed, M2 and Mk19 CROWS variants

  • M1220 Caiman with CROWS-mounted Mk19

  • Editor placeable M2A1 and M19A1 ammo can items

  • ACH (Early)

  • ACH (Early/Rhino)

  • Battle Dress Uniform by DeltaHawk (in Lowland ERDL camo for GREF HIDF)

  • new USGI 20 and 30 rounds mags & magpull acc

  • New GBU-12 model

  • Added M8541 version with MRDS

  • Added M8541A version with MRDS

  • Added Leupold Mk4 M5 with MRDS

  • S&S Plateframe vest (several loudouts)

  • G3 uniform in AOR2 camo

  • Extra USMC SPC vest variant for M40 Scout Snipers

  • Added ability to force scope type in mission with mission namespace variable "rhs_preferedOptic"

  • Added reload system to M590 shotgun together with new animations - requires Arma 1.

  • Mk316 Mod 0 Special Ball (HPBT) ammunition for SR-25 and Mk17. Generally similar to M118 Special Ball, but slightly faster initspeed and reduced visibleFire

  • Added TI textures to Caiman, FMTV, HIMARS, HEMTT, RG33 & MRZR

  • Added HMMWV TI textures

  • Added TI textures to F-22A

  • Added TI maps to AH1Z, UH1Y & CH-53

  • Added TI map to M252 mortar


^ AI should now engage M113 gunners

^ Modified US aircraft magazine displaynames and added descriptionShort tooltips (mouse over mag name in Dynamic Loadouts UI for a more detailed description)

^ Improved MLRS scripted firing effects

^ Tweaked M113 Mk19 gunner animation

^ Improved HIMARS MLRS launch VFX

^ Reduced glass reflection in AH-64 cockpit

^ Reduced PhysX track width to decrease chance of wheels with other vehicle wheels collision which usually leads to backflips

^ [UH-1Y]Gunners now hold onto miniguns

^ Separate "M249 VFG" classes in Arsenal are no longer required to convert the M249 to use a grip instead of a bipod (inc. new bipod slot attachments for M249)

^ Added grip system slot to Para stock M249s

^ Unified AH-64 MFD brightness

^ Tweaked inertia for M320 standalone grenade launcher

^ Improved M4 fire geometry

^ Gave M249 plastic box magazines a more appropriate mass value

^ Changed Aimpoint T1's displayname to its US military designation (SU-278/PVS)

^ Tweaked M16 fire geometry

^ Tweaks to AI TOW usage

^ Improved M107 & M2010 fire geometry

^ Extended class-switching script for top-mounting PEQ lasers, to accept value rhsusf_acc_anpeq15 = 2; (used in RHS:USAF for SCAR rail height accessories)

^ Anim to randomly fold the barrel handle on M249s

^ Tweaked M134 ammo count & used bullets on USAF helicopters

^ Added Virtual Garage option to close & open commander hatch on M113

^ Improved position/tint of M68 CCO lenses and brought back killflash

^ Unified hand animation scheme for M4's

^ US Army units now use M4's with Matech BUIS

^ Increased COM of MRZR & increased antirollbar - it should allow more natural weight shifting with same

^ Added new icons for M249 magazines

^ Tweaked engine startup delay - engine startup delay should be shorter when engine was turned off second ago. Should improve AI behavior which tends to constantly switch on & off gas turbines

^ Added new virtual garage icons for USAF static weapons

^ Tweaked M2 Bradley gun armor (no longer destroyable with small arms fire)

^ Added separate light hitpoints to bradley, stored in Hitpoints class

^ Animation to hide Rhino on RG33L Plus and Caiman Plus up-armoured MRAPs

^ Adjusted scale of M153 CROWS. Now has a correct height of 0.762 meters

^ Replaced TD Grip with KAC grip on the M27 IAR that has a permanent grip

^ M240 bipod legs position when folded

^ Added retexture selections to M249/Minimi

^ SR-25EC (Enhanced Carbine) now utilises 7.62mm muzzle-mounted suppressor attachments, instead of the Mk.11 type of collar-locking slide-on suppressor. (Joint Muzzles compatible)

^ Tweaked M113 land contact memory points snapping in Eden editor

^ Tweaked spall, HEAT & thermobaric ammo configs

^ Tweaked M240 fire geometry

^ Improved M240 hidden selections since magazines are moved to separate proxies

^ Regenerated 5.56mm STANAG magazine icons

^ Tweaked PiP scopes aspect ratio - it's now adjusted for 16:9 screens -

^ Added simple geometries to ACOG scopes

^ Added proper buoyancy & firegeometry to M4 Block II & Mk18

^ Resized and added LODs to original

^ Added new inventory icons for weapon accessories

^ RHS Vehicle icons in Virtual Garage should be visible on Steam branch release

^ Added separate name for development branch version

^ Re-equipped some MARSOC units with S&S Plateframe vests

^ Updated MARSOC Mk17 DMR's optic, to include an offset MRDS

^ Switched SWCC crews to AOR2 uniforms

^ Adjusted M2010 muzzle attachment so it can support Join Rails

^ Tweaked characters hands in shadow LOD

^ Removed heads from characters Shadow LOD

^ Halved the size of SU-230/PVS (SpecterDR) red dot in main telescope.

^ Adjusted SIDE proxy position on SMAW and M72

^ Adjusted proxy positioning setup of MAAWS and its optic to be more conventional

^ 40mm smoke grenades have now impact fuze & correct smoke time (~17-30 seconds) -

^ Added new VG icons to HEMTTs

^ Improved blank ammo with submunition tech so it works correctly in MP -

^ Added special high deflective material to armored vehicles barrels

^ Readded proxies to characters shadow LOD

^ Some more improvements to characters fire geometry

^ Added offset to FCS animation sources to fight imprecision of animateSource when vehicle is not local

^ Added visual optics destruction to many vehicles

^ M1 Tank: Converted zoom values to macros, Removed hs materials references from config, Tweaked turret & gun hitpoint values

^ Added RHSUSF loadorder

^ Improved addons loadorder

^ Added support for spent casing ejection to bolt action system (WIP)

^ Randomisation of grip folding on rifle-mounted M320 UGLs

^ Added sensorPosition param to some of the static weapons

^ Moved 100rnd 5.56mm C-Mags to BIS CfgMagazineWells class STANAG_556x45_Large. Will now load in M4/M16 type rifles but not M249 and BIS weapons where such magazines should not fit. (Arma 3 V1.92)

^ Added engine destruction effect

^ Added MFD based CROWS monitor

^ Added data link sensor to Stryker in order to simulate Blue Force Tracker

^ Added test BFT MFD panel to Stryker

^ Added data link reporting of own position to vehicles with blue force tracker

^ Added new 5.56x45mm cartridge

^ Improved ammo event handler inheritance

^ Cleared out BI magazine classnames from CfgMagazineWells where they are are now defined in vanilla Arma 3

^ Many USAF weapons will now accept magazines compatible with CBA JAM

^ Configured M14 EBR-RI for proxy magazines and manazineWell[]

^ Adjusted M14 EBR-RI handAnim and nudged laser/light proxy forward a little

^ Underbarrel proxy slot for M240 (part of proof-of-concept testing, but might find uses in future)

^ Updated USAF load order in order to fix compatibility with new, devbranch radio protocols

^ Converted M590 buckshot to shotSubmunitions to be more in line with new vanilla shotguns. Air friction is now working with pellets so beware that ballistics are quite different to what it used to be

^ Tweaked 12GA models

^ Mk.19 40mm mag displaynameshort

^ Disabled handheld compass in AH-64 & AH-1Z cockpit

^ M203, M320 & M32 are using sound set firing sounds

^ Added Wound textures and rvmats for ABU

^ Added Wound textures and rvmats for BDU

^ Added countermeasure dispensers to CH-47F model (hides when countermeasures are removed via Dynamic Loadouts/Pylons settings)

^ Configured all USAF aircraft to carry realistic amounts of of flares+chaff, which can be managed via Dynamic Loadouts/Pylon Settings (e.g. can load only flares for maximal amount of CM releases, but will be ineffective against radar-based threats)

^ Added TI textures for plenty of US vehicles & fixed some TI textures which were using placeholder abrams hull texture. Note that those vehicles are still missing engine heat textures

^ Tweaked M1117 wheels TI texture

^ Added separate rvmat for USAF vehicles spare wheels

^ Added wheel TI texture to M1238A1

^ Unified M1A1FEP & HC hitpoints + fixed engine smoke -

^ Improved Stryker TI textures

^ Added new fire geometry to Cougars -

^ Tweaked Cougars glass

^ Tweaked Cougar suspension animation

^ Added placeholder TI Textures to Cougar

^ Tweaked M113 wheels TI

^ Tweaked interior light toggle function

^ Added working fire geometry for MCTAGS turret

^ Added interior light to Stryker

^ Added basic 2nd res LOD to Stryker

^ Added HEMTT TI textures

^ Removed redundant/different displayname definitions from desert HEMTT classes

^ TI textures for ACU

^ Added decal RVMAT to M1232 & M1237

^ Added decal RVMAT to HMMWVs

^ Adjusted static weapons TI textures

^ TI texture for G3 uniform

^ FROG uniform TI texture

^ Infantry/SOF helmet TI textures

^ Tweaked F22 decals material

^ Added procedural TI textures to Stinger pod

^ TI textures for crew helmets (ACVC, HGU-56)

^ Added damage & destruction materials to M252 mortar

^ Tweaked TI materials of various weapon accessories

^ Added second uvset to M8541 for scope selection

FIXED IN 0.4.9

@ Fixed M113 gunner was using wrong LOD when in optic mode

@ Fixed M113 gunner view offset in non optic mode

@ Fixed M113 weapons were using wrong memory point for guns

@ [UH-60]Fixed missing "main rotor hide" selection in one res LOD, causing duplicated rotors at some distances.

@ Fixed tooltip text for C-Mag

@ Fixed missing launchers in Zeus crate menu

@ Fixed some AH-64 rpt errors about missing MFD icons

@ Some woodland Abrams were using desert decals

@ [UH-1Y]Fixed locked camera bug for gunners(UsePiP = 1)

@ Fixed M113 tracks explosion shielding

@ Added missing UH-1Y gunner anims /facepalm

@ M240B had an extra cocking handle in the View Pilot LOD

@ Fixed TOW AI engagment ranges

@ Reduced M113 resistance against IEDs

@ MELBs had unrealistic ability to detect passive sensor locks (visual, IR etc.) Now only RWR and MAWS

@ Added static weapons bags to cfgPatches so they can be used in Zeus

@ Updated M109 loadout selection after magazine renaming

@ Fixed M113 hatch stayed open

@ USMC grenadiers had wrong M4 (added carryhandle M4 w/ M203)

@ Fixed gripod freeze -

@ CH-53E ramp shadow LOD was welded to the fuselage creating some distortion when the ramp moved

@ Fixed small FAST helmet glitches with cover selection

@ Adds LODs to M1239 SOCOM AUVs

@ Fixed AO on M1239 Main CO

@ Adds Comms install to M1239 AUV

@ Adds comms suite to Cougar MRAP

@ USMC side winders were using wrong ammo

@ Fixed camo darkness on Cougar MRAP

@ Adds comm suite install to Caiman MRAP and RG-33L MRAP.

@ Fixes glass position on M1239 SOCOM AUV MRAP interior

@ Adds units to SOCOM AUV config file

@ Fixed UH-1Y was able to detect IR locks

@ Fixed USMC M32 grenadiers were using wrong weapons (with additional scope which they couldn't use, since it's integrated - it caused rpt spam)

@ Fixed open geometry in shadow LOD of TA31RCO-RMR PIP variant

@ Adds more undercarriage geometry to M1232 / M1237 MRAPs for far LODs

@ Adds OGPK Additional customisation options: Overhead protection and turret bustle to M1232 / M1237 MRAP

@ SOCOM AUV Thermal

@ Adds configurable turret accessories for Caiman MRAP with O-GPK turret

@ Adds O-GPK accessories to FMTVs

@ Fixes a bunch of little FMTV issues: CP Box cargo strap clipping, removes extra animations from versions that don't have them

@ Added autocenter & buoyancy named properties to C130J - please pay attention to missions already created since it might break plane position

@ M1 tanks were not engaging other tanks when AFRF was not used

@ Removed radio cables from pilot LOD of some IOTV vest since they were clipping badly in 1st person view

@ Fixed IOTV (repair) vest didn't match 1st res lod & pilot LOD

@ Fixed Mk.19 sounds in AI fire modes

@ Fixed zeroing of Glock 17, M9 Beretta & M1911A1

@ Fixed missing penetration material for Glock 17

@ Removed Abrams TI textures in HIMARS rvmat - temporary fix till proper TI textures are there

@ Fixed camo selections on Black PMAGs and CMAGs -

@ Flag position on Caiman MRAPs changed position in different LODs

@ Some ACOG sights had a high section count in lower LODs

@ Fixed M1238A1 turn out option for drivers -

@ Regenerated components on M1239 -

@ Fixed M1A2SEPv1 CITV firegeometry materials -

@ Fixed some error messags if unit has only single magazine and gripod is attached

@ Fixed missing uvset error on MBAV & Plateframe vests (tex1 in rvmat)

@ Fixed some unnecessary tex1 reference in rvmat which were causing .rpt spam in Diag.exe

@ Fixed some bad interpolation in FFV RG-33 config

@ Fixed some broken inheritance due to fault sound configs overwrites

@ PMAG was very slightly offset to the right of the magazine proxy axis

@ Fixed missing head shadows in view pilot

@ Fixed driver interior sounds + added ability to switch between seats for various USAF vehicles with turn out/in option

@ SMAW & MAAWS were missing dispersion -

@ Fixed initial view angle for M1117 driver -

@ Removed turn out option from M1238A1 Crows -

@ Fixed FROG uniform ghost LOD

@ Scoped out incomplete Smoke and Illum mag classes for MAAWS that were showing in Arsenal but are not made compatible with the launcher

@ Fixed inverted Stryker crew -

@ Added penetration materials, armor & explosion shielding parameter to all RHS explosives

@ Fixed missing fire mode indicator in some of the helicopters if AFM & gauges were turned on

@ Fixed Stryker RWS optics hitpoints

@ Fixed Stryker fuel hitpoint

@ Fixed missing uvset asserts

@ Fixed some minor issues with new character firegeometry

@ Removed ambient shadow under mirrors from Stryker

@ Added some missing cfgPatches entries for USAF troops

@ Fixed inverted normals on 12GA bullets

@ Typo in M249 CfgMagazineWells classname

@ Typo in ABU and BDU displayName

@ M136 and SMAW launchers are no longer accepted under Code Duello (Duel Purpose -> Dual Purpose)

@ Short M590 shotgun was missing magazine proxy

@ A-10A's cockpit shadow become non-closed when assigning different texture/materials the 'camo2' hiddenSelection

@ Fixed ghost LOD on M4 with M320

@ Fixed spare wheels TI on RG33L & SOCOMUAV

@ Fixed RG33 & SOCOMUAV TI textures being super bright in TI when gun was fired

@ Fixed some of the M1232 & M1237 vehicles were missing rvmats on certain selections

@ Fixed HEMTT exhaust particle effects

@ Fixed USAF air weapons TI textures

@ Fixed open shadows in some FMTV models

@ Another fix for HEMTT exhaust particles

@ removed extra space in HEMMT displayname string

@ RPT errors fixes related to M252

@ Fixed vehclass typo in MRZR cfg


  • Removed .p3d files: m16a4_ris_pmag.p3d, m16a4_ris_carryhandle_pmag.p3d (separate models are obsolete since mag proxy implementation)

  • Removed unneeded M249 models: m249_pip_S_vfg.p3d, m249_pip_L_vfg.p3d (separate obsolete since converting bipods to attachments)

  • removed vanilla entries from magazine wells since it's already introduced in base game

  • Removes old RG-33 MRAP series as legacy vehicles



^ Reduced cost of 45ACP ammo - AI should no longer prefer using Colt over rifle

^ Reduced AH-64 FCR range to 8km from 11

^ Increased emissive value of AH-64 MFDs

^ Improved PNVS accuracy (missing AGL to ASL conversion)

^ SU-230A SpecterDR scopes descriptionShort now denotes them as being for 7.62mm weapons

^ Improved PNVS deinitialization

^ Added flashing cross in flight mode when PNSV is out of its limits

^ Increased SLAT armor minimal hit - no longer destroyable with small firearms

^ Moved back AH-64 pilot cockpit light to reduce flare effect during night

^ Added proper nameSound parameter to smoke shells

^ IHADSS PNVS view is no longer working when PNVS or cockpit electronic systems are damaged

^ Tweaked Bunker Busters TOWs with submunition parameters - they should be able to penetrate light structures and spread thermobaric blast wave inside

^ Another tweak to Hellfire accuracy

^ Added maddog autoseek to AIM-120 missiles

^ Tweaked M230 AI dispersion coef - AI should be more accurate

^ Increased Mk82 bomb damage to be in line with GBU-12

^ Improved HIMARS cargo shadow LOD

^ Added dedicated driver anim to HIMARS

^ Adjusted default radar range in info panels

^ Added geometry occluder to HIMARS cargo LOD

^ Tweaked HP of ERA blocks on USAF vehicles

^ descriptionShort property for MLRS/HIMARS magazines

^ Added experimental IHADSS workaround for user with triple monitor setup (PiP ratio)

^ Increased minimal hit for ERA blocks so they are no longer triggered by 12.7mm rounds

^ Corrected SLAP bullets muzzle velocity

^ Adjusted tracks armor for USAF vehicles

^ Added scripted particle effects to HIMARS (workaround for fire particles not working with pylon weapons - still WIP, missing dust circle and position has sometimes inncorrect offset)

FIXED IN 0.4.8

@ Fixed Mk-14 ironsight

@ Fixed M2 Bradleys hull hitpoints being immortal

@ Fixed M2A2 (basic without BUSK) was missing tracks hitpoints

@ Fixed CH-53 joystick was moving in wrong direction

@ Fixed woodland AH-64 crew was missing IHADSS helmet during night

@ Fixed PNVS turning off after going into optic mode

@ Fixed AI units with gripods were selecting pistols after spawning

@ Fixed script error after being killed when using IHADSS

@ Fixed AH-64 MFD had big 0 when using AFM & extra gauges were enabled in options

@ Glass on HIMARS right-hand door did not follow door opening animation

@ Disabled 'top' versions of laser attachments on MP7A1. They don't fit

@ PNVS movement limits were inverted (forgot that min & max values in pilotCamera class are inverted...)

@ Fixed potential script error in MFD switching script

@ Some cfgweapons classes (mainly headgear) missing dlc = "RHS_USAF"; attribute

@ Vehicle-in-Vehicle dimensions[] memory points were not properly set up in several FMTV and HEMTT variants

@ Fixed M109 destruction materials

@ Fixed some rare script error when TADS view was shown on MFD

@ M2 Bradley cargo had fault cargoProxyIndexes

@ Fixed AH-64 & AH-1Z helicopter HMD target icon

@ Removed M142 HIMARS driver turn out action

@ Fixed A10A landing gear light

@ Fixed gripod system so it keeps currently loaded magazine when transforming

@ SPC marksman vest shadow would break when the vest was retextured (rogue 'camo' selection in SVLOD)


  • Cleared out some unused magazine classnames for 12x MLRS rockets. No longer needed for their intended purpose



^ Added disableWheelsWhenDestroyed = 1 to USAF helicopters

^ Tweaked penetration of M993 round

^ Increased antirollbar force on Cougars

^ Tweaked Geo Physx & Fire Geometry of Cougars (bottom hull mainly)

^ Added SLAT sim to M1A1 TUSK I

^ Tweaked 3rd person camera of F-22

^ Tweaked M1 ammo hit dependency

^ Removed _generalMacros from RHS configs

^ Tweaked M1 & M2 Fire Geometry & hitpoints

^ Calibrated IHADSS PNVS view & added safezones so position of IHADSS should be same on all screen resolutions

^ Tweaked AI usage of AGM-114K

^ Tweaked all AGM-114 precision

^ Tweaked ATGM oversteer behavior

^ Added AI handler for AGM-114K usage

^ Reduced zeroing range of standalone RMR and MRDS sights, to match the versions mounted on top of MDO/SpecterDR

^ AH-64 PNVS monocular view is now transparent & HDU is visible

^ Increased AH-64 PNVS turn rate to 120 deg per sec

^ AH-64 AI can now switch between laser & radar guided missiles

^ Added text fire mode indicator to A10A

^ Removed old compass from MELB UI

^ Adjusted position of Caiman OGPK turret axis

FIXED IN 0.4.7

@ Fixed TOW launching sounds

@ Fixed TOW UI mode indication

@ Fixed accidentally removed AH-64 gunner UI handler which prevent camera jump when direction stabilization in NFOV was activated

@ Floating mag pouch shadows on Rifleman and Team leader SPCS vests

@ Some weapons did not have visible muzzle attachments when running RHS:USAF standalone (missing 'linkProxy' definition)

@ Fixed HIMARS commander could fire when turned in

@ Fixed interior light action

@ Fixed .rpt error for UCP Combat crewman

@ Removed incomingMissileDetectionSystem from ground vehicles

@ Fixed .rtm related .rpt errors

@ SFM wheel brakes UI element is now hidden when RTD is enabled

@ Disabled ability to lock on ground targets with F-22 gun (attempt to fix kamikaze dive attacks on ground targets)

@ Fixed AH-64 missing gunner feed when scrolling to radar MFD page

@ Fixed AH-64 AA/AG radar modes key handlers were not properly initialized

@ AH-64 gunner couldn't use TADS view in some MFD pages combinations

@ Unified AH-64 TADS zoom on pilot & gunner stations


ADDED IN 0.4.6

  • Added Tan version of RX01 Reflex Sight

  • Added new SU-230/PVS

  • M24 Binoculars

  • Added MRDS

  • Added top down attack to Javelin

  • M1043A2

  • M142 HIMARS

  • M2A2ODS gunner's Integrated Sight Unit

  • CBU-87 and CBU-89 cluster bomb models

  • GATOR/GEMSS submunition mines (BLU-91/BLU-92, M74/M75)

  • BLU-97 submunition model (5% chance of UXO)

  • Woodland and desert camo textured Leupold Mk. 4 ER/T 3.5-10x M3 scopes

  • AH-64 Added correct fuel amount.

  • Added correct weight for M789 1200 rd. magazine per documentation

  • New M24 SWS model plus muzzle accessories. Black, woodland and desert versions

  • New AN/PEQ-15 model

  • Added Driver Vision Enhancement (including reverse cam) to M2A3 & M1 Tanks - accessible when using optics with +/- on numpad

  • Airman Battle Uniform

  • Adds the USMC M1221 RG33L 6X6 MRAP

  • Adds separate tactical markings textures for entire RG33L range to reduce file size between USMC / US ARMY versions

  • Adds the Marine Corps Transparent Armored Gun-Shield

  • Tac-Sac, RVG and Stubby TD grips, courtesy of Hamsen, Bill Red and co. (MGM Grips team)

  • Adds M1232 MRAP MCTAGS with MK 19 GMG

  • Added GBU-32 (WIP - no GPS guided functionality yet)

  • Added static parachute for USAF ejection seats

  • White HGU-56 helmet variant

  • Added some more common hydra warheads for future use maybe

  • Added modified (retextured, reuved + bashed existing stinger tube models) ATAS pod

  • First commit of the Cougar 4x4 MRAP

  • Added 2 back seats and tailgate animationSource. Need feedback on this. Good idea/bad idea?

  • Added IHADSS placeholder (using HGU model atm)

  • Added ability to disable vanilla locking boxes - by default option is off and can be changed by checking "Targeting UI Off" checkbox in RHS Menu Options

  • MELB RWR for copilot

  • Added ability to disable part of vehicle UI in RHS Game Options

  • Added more variants of SPCS vest


^ Improved UI Icons of RX01 Reflex Sights

^ Increased AGM-114 Hellfire timeToLive

^ Tweaked M1 recoil

^ Tweaked HEMTT PhysX

^ Tweaked troops NVG handler

^ Added option to hide A1 brushguard on HMMWV bumper

^ Disabled woodland AFG attachment on M249 VFG

^ Tweaked ACU rvmats

^ Lofting flight profile for Hellfire

^ Mirrored UVs on SF3P muzzle flash's front-facing planes (muzzle flash pattern appeared upside-down when viewed from the front)

^ Added new icons for USAF weapons

^ Added new icons for USAF headgear

^ T1 UV set 1 error fix

^ Added new inventory icons for vests

^ Added occluder to A10 cockpit

^ Tweaked M2 Bradley PhysX geometry

^ ERA now use new armorComponent hit detection

^ Tweaks to M2 Bradley steering values

^ Added engine smoke FX to FMTV & HIMARS

^ Improved TOW-2B overfly top-attack targeting

^ Minor realism tweaks to IBAS/CIV digital zoom modes (24X & 48X)

^ Optimized MELB scripts

^ Removed fuel leak script since it's present in base game already

^ Added camshake to Gau-8

^ Added delay to TOW usage on Bradleys

^ CBU-87 pylon configuration reclassified as a 1000lb bomb (A-10 can carry fewer of them now)

^ Improved UH60 Wreck RVMAT

^ Improved performance of Abrams loader script

^ Added M1 reload sounds (again kudos to daskal from SB community)

^ Tweaked machineguns AI fire modes

^ Tweaked tank cannon dispersion

^ Charge/Distance firemode info added to Artillery gunner HUDs

^ Increased get in/out time from tanks to 2.1 seconds (previously 0.8)

^ Tweaked A10A physx wheels & fixed it's issue with getout action availability

^ Improved m249 & M240 recoil pattern. Introduced dispersion to M72 & AT4. Introduced recoil names for M4 (no change to pattern)

^ Added editorpreview icons for M14, M19 and M112

^ Added icons for M112

^ Tweaks in mines config and stingtable.xml

^ Tweaked penetration of M107 ammo

^ US mines and explosives are now available to Zeus (inc. minefield modules)

^ Added TOW-2B AERO missiles to A3 series M2 Bradleys

^ Added M903 SLAP ammo to TUSK Abrams' CSAMM M2

^ Tweaked recoil force of 120mm cannon after friction values changes to base surfaces

^ Re-equipped US Army M24 sniper units with appropriate woodland and desert camouflaged versions of the rifle and accessories

^ UH-60M Slightly improved FPS stability.

^ AH-64 Tuned control system per SME.

^ Standarized US magazine strings

^ Reduced armor of M1025 HMMWVs to better reflect their real life performance

^ Added safety mode to Mk14 & SR-25

^ Tweaked Mk14 reload animation

^ Tweaked RG-33L mirrors

^ Changed get in side for AH-64 gunner (anim is still played from wrong side though)

^ Added new inventory icons for magazines

^ HEMTT wheel rvmats

^ Caiman MRAPs added some extra detail to the Fire Geometry LOD around the chassis area

^ Tweaked AH-64 getin anims

^ Increased SMAW & Javelin reload time

^ Added new afterbuner script to F-22

^ Improved F-22 damage textures

^ Added engine startup delay to F-22

^ Tweaked F-22 flight model (WIP)

^ Improved F22 HUD

^ Tweaked F-22 armor values

^ Added pedal anims to F-22

^ Improved F-22 textures

^ Added data link to F-22

^ Tweaked ejection script & changed simulation of canopies to thingX - should prevent possible crashes

^ Added collision lights to F-22

^ Tweaked AI engagement ranges for AIM missiles

^ Added interior light to F-22 & A-10A

^ Added geometry occluder to F-22 cockpit

^ Tweaked stall warning threshold values

^ Tweaked gunner LOD of Stinger pod

^ Tweaked F-22 pilot anim

^ Updated littlebird models/textures

^ Updated ammobox on gau-19 model

^ Upgraded rocketpods/hydra/hellfire textures

^ Tweaked Hellfire DIR, LOAL LO/HI params

^ Tweaked missile fire effects

^ Tweaked muzzle flashes rvmat

^ Added burst limiter to AH-64 (WIP)

^ Tweaked short names for USAF air weapons

^ Added PNVS & TADS view from pilot seat

^ Added new font from Franz & NodUnit AH-64 mod

^ Limited AH-64 cannon movement

^ Improved AH-64 HMD (WIP)

^ Firing From Vehicles capabilities for front passenger seat on FMTV Special Operations Vehicles

^ Added buoyancy = 1 param to some USAF helicopters

^ Added geometry occludder to AH-64 cockpit

^ Tweaked TI texture of rocket & Hellfire pods

^ Reduced chaff/flare count on AH-64D to 60 rounds

^ Added RTD wheel animation to AH-64

^ Added additional RTD Hitpoints (Hydraulics,Transmission,Stabilizators)

^ Added PhysX suspension to AH-64

^ Added PhysX suspension and RTD wheel animations to CH-47 Chinook

^ Added PhysX suspension to UH-60M

^ Added RTD hitpoints to UH-60M

^ Removed rotors from PhysX LOD of helicopters

^ Added interior light to AH-64 cockpit

^ Tweaked AH-64 pilot animation

^ Added TILS spider to A10A HUD

^ Added zeroing to Mark V weapons

^ Added radar to Mark V

^ Changed Mark V muzzle flashes

^ Unified ESAPI plates for USAF vests

^ Added damper and wheel animations to CH-53E.

^ Added winch hitpoints to UH-60M

^ UH-1Y glass no longer blinds pilots

^ MELB flight model

^ Disabled hiddenSelectionMaterials on M1 tanks

^ Tweaked TUSK I reflector power

^ Added rail cover randomization to M4

^ Added rail cover randomization to M16A4 (~30% chance of being hidden)

^ Added SPCS vest config

^ Added small hint to A-10 TVM script about necessity to press nightvision key in order to activate screen

^ Improved taxing behavior of fixed wing vehicles

^ Increased magazineReloadTime of CROWS-mounted M2 machine gun (positioned away from operator, more intricate feed system etc.)

^ Updated Airborne vests with new SPCS

^ Removed _generalMacro from USAF configs

^ Added parameter to hide PhysX suspension upon destruction for fixed wing aircracts

^ Added AI missile assistant for 114K

^ Darkened green smoke grenade for vests

^ Added AH-64 MFD to AH-1Z as a temporary solution until proper MFD is ready for it

^ Added text fire mode indicator to UH-1/60 & MELBs

^ Tweaked M1043 textures

^ Tweaked MRZR-4 fire geometry

^ Tweaked M1A2 fire geometry (WIP)

^ Added SLAT destruction to M1 TUSK tanks

FIXED IN 0.4.6

@ Handle on M2A3's CIV turret did not follow traverse

@ Fixed rogue triangle in 2nd resolution LOD of M1A2 TUSK I & II

@ Fixed fault M2 Bradley AI sensor

@ Fixed M1911A1 inheritance in sound cfg breaking AI fire modes

@ Fixed laser designators magazines prevented rearming at trucks

@ Fixed forced zoom for M113 hatch turn out seats

@ Broken M1043 normals

@ Changed HMMWV decal names to more dedicated server friendly ones

@ Fixed random damage texture changing when some parts of vehicles were damaged

@ Fixed desert textures on rear

@ Adds commander's seat, but needs tweaking - not showing properly.

@ Fixed vehicle mounted M240 was using wrong ammo

@ Adds M26 Missile for HIMARS

@ Fixed M1A1 commander & loader turned in mode

@ Adds Missile Pod plates for Reyhard for HIMARS

@ Adds HMMWV TOW Config and TOW HMMVW

@ Fixed Normal for TOW HMMVW

@ Adds currently non-functioning Bradley turn out passenger option. Currently allows turn out, but hatch doesn't animate on roof. - Animations also need to be tweaked.Only on M2A2 for now.

@ Fixed lasing with IBAS/CIV didn't trigger Shtora

@ Duplicated turrets .rpt errors clean up

@ Fixed F-22 rpt errors

@ Fixed MZRZ was inheriting PiP mirrors

@ Various fixes to updating base classes rpt errors

@ Some USAF ammo crates were missing in Zeus

@ Fixes shadow LOD error on up-armored Caiman MRAPs

@ UV mapping error on rear of AN/PEQ-16

@ Caiman MRAPs were missing countermeasure weapon to initiate the DUKE system

@ Fixed M113 turrets

@ Adjusted LODDriverTurnedOut to new syntax after Tank DLC release

@ Part of TOW launcher mount could not change texture, on M2A3 versions of Bradley IFV

@ Fixed lodTurnedOut values after syntax change introduced with Tanks DLC

@ Fixed error with deactivation M112

@ HEMTT gun turret traverse axis was off-center close T2378

@ Removed AH-64 pilot camera

@ Fixed some MELB .rpt errors

@ UH-60M Corrected fuel amount for base model.

@ UH-60M Changed flight model weights/moments to coincide with correct fuel and ammo weights in config.

@ AH-64 Changed rotor coefficient table.

@ Changed weight of M789 laser magazine to match normal magazine.

@ Textures on dropped 12Ga buckshot and slug magazine models, had mismatched textures

@ Removed VG option for Stinger adding from M2A2 BUSK I

@ Some vehicles had the wrong LOD when aiming down sights of mounted weapons after Tanks DLC

@ Fixed ejection over water

@ Fixed typo in air weapons config (weaponLockType instead of weaponLockSystem - radar locking detections were not working because of that)

@ Updated ammo allotment for RG33L MRAPs

@ Fixed filepath errors on the littlebird

@ Fixed excessive glare of XPS3

@ Fixed Javelin motor fire hiding

@ Fixed Javelin top down mode - close T2391

@ Fixed CH-47 ramp animation

@ Fixed M9 & Glock bullet speed

@ Changed face order for clan decal and went to one compartment

@ Fixed UH-1Y observer camera

@ Fixes glitchy suspension component with bad textures on the RG33L

@ Makes a much nicer step texture for the Caiman rear, instead of the terrible non-transparent version

@ Adds less transparent and more textured glass to RG33L

@ Adds Caiman better detailed windows

@ Adds Fixed Cougar names

@ Fixes texture map error on the Cougar interior

@ Fixes the WD texture to have black wheels, and black exhaust

@ AH-64 Updated maxTorque to coincide with 16000 lbs OGE hover.

@ AH-64 changed engine and transmission max torque values.

@ UH-60M Single engine flight is possible now (lowered engine rotation resistance).

@ AH-64 Changed engine rotationresistance factor to allow for single engine operations.

@ Fixed sound issue.. was using MRAP sounds instead of quadbike's

@ Adds hard edge to Cougar Hood

@ Removed some unnecessary config definitions from root config which could cause issues with other mods loaded

@ Fixed Cougar MK19 name to correct "MK19" instead of M2

@ Fixed Stinger pod ghost LOD

@ Fixed ironsight memory points for Mark V

@ Merged roadway LOD to main model, removed script & fixed Mark V falling from 5 meters when spawned via createVehicle (i.e. in Virtual Garage)

@ MELB copilot camera position(was clipping through FLIR model)

@ MELB pilots were not able to move the FLIR MFD

@ AH-6 aimdot has been adjusted

@ AH-6 default loadout changed to "light" variant

@ Adds more ammmo to Mk 19 and 50 Cal MRAPS (Cougar, Caiman, RG33L)

@ Adds more ammmo to Caiman RCWS

@ Makes ammo more easily readable in MRAP configs (Caiman, Cougar, RG33l)

@ USAF inventory items (vest/helmets/uniforms) were missing in Zeus

@ Fixed M2 missing cross in 3rd person when cross is enabled in difficulty settings

@ Error popups when opening inventory UI, with M107 or M590 equipped


  • Removed bumps from the window glass(UH-60)

  • Removed old wreck model


ADDED IN 0.4.5

  • Added partial gripod support for AI units when loadout is edited through Virtual Arsenal

  • Initial injection of 1990s M113s

  • AN/PEQ-16

  • Standalone RMR sight attachment, inc. forward-mounting versions

  • Added exhaust smoke generator to USAF vehicles

  • Added new smoke launchers effects to M1 tanks

  • Added Trijicon RX01 reflex sight

  • Camo variants of SR-25 Suppressor

  • RX01 w/o Filter

  • Field manual entry on using the A-10A's TVM

  • Added Xmas gift 1


^ Cargo script is able to attach boats too

^ Forced AH6 & MH6 visibility in virtual garage

^ Improved Leupold MK4+M2010 scope alignment

^ Added displayNameShort to USAF magazines

^ Limited dynamic object drawing to Object Draw Distance

^ Added additional seat to MH-6M to fix issues with LOAD waypoint

^ Tweaked XPS3 Textures

^ Clean-up of M240 sections, UVsets and named properties

^ Added new PhysX to M2 Bradley family vehicles

^ Added interior occluders to M2 Bradley family vehicles

^ Picture in Picture bounding box tech applied to vehicle models. For optimising non-scripted PiP screens

^ Reduced headbanging when driving M113 & M2 Bradley

^ Removing Longbow radar from AH-64D is now handled through Vehicle Customisation menu (classes for the old editor placeable unit can still be spawned, VhC hides radar model and disables active radar sensor)

^ Linked CROWS PiP with current optic mode

^ Added recoil coef to USAF vehicle magazines

^ Improved M113 PhysX configuration

^ Replaced majority of M1911 mags in M1 Abrams inventory, with M9 mags (correct mags for resupplying crew sidearms)

^ Added new sounds for M1 using soundSet technology

^ Readded track driveOnComponent to M1

^ Improved M109 PhysX

^ Added interior occluders to M113

^ Added improved PhysX to M109

^ Added antiwater material to M113 interior

^ Reduced range of vehicles

^ Added new sounds for M1 (kudos to daskal from Steel Beast community)

^ Increased TOW2 time of flight & speed characteristic according to following table -

^ Replaced USMC units' AN/PEQ-15s with AN/PEQ-16s

^ Disabled compatibility of forward-mounting Aimpoint T1s on M14 EBR, M24 and M40A5 where they would float in mid-air

^ Added vanilla FCS to AH64 & AH1Z autocannons

^ Zeus is now able to move vehicles during their engine startup

^ Tweaked M1025 PhysX

^ Adjusted Raven backpack mass

^ Improved FMTV PhysX configuration

^ Improved MZRZ4 PhysX configuration - final fix for suspension anims

^ Improved PhysX configuration of HEMMT, M1117 & Caiman

^ Adjusted fuel range of USAF vehicles

^ Tweaked ai firemodes settings

^ Adjusted Hellfire & Maverick speed

^ Adjusted aiDispersionCoefs for tanks

^ Updated IOTV vests

^ Exhaust smoke generator now consumes some fuel

^ Reduced recoil for M109A6

^ Adjusted Mk82 & Cluster bombs values so AI should use it more frequently

^ SOCOM FMTVs now have proper sound attenuation setting for open-top vehicles

^ Improved smoke dischargers for M1084A1R SOV

^ SR-25 rail covers were not retexturable

^ Adjusted sensor parameters on AGM-65F (Anti-Ship, IR Maverick): Lowered max target speed, raised max locking range

^ Added extra pip view distance options

^ US MERDC textures

^ Added gauges anims to Caiman

^ Added new driver anim to Caiman

^ Improved FMTV driver animation, mirror shape, gagues (animations/visuals) & shadows

^ Rescaled TOW missiles to correct size

^ Animated TOW-2/2A standoff probe extension

^ Added pedal anims to A10A

^ Tweaked A10A Center of Mass

^ Updated MK19 config and fix packing error

^ Tweaked 3rd person camera for tanks

^ Added TOW missile fly sound

^ Added rear-view mirrors to A-10A cockpit

FIXED IN 0.4.5

@ Fixed MBAV Grenadier vest hitpoints inheritance

@ Fixed Duke hint being visible for everyone in MP

@ Fixed Caiman & FMTV 3rd person camera

@ Fixed FMTV missing gunner proxies in fire geometry

@ Fixed NT4 shadows

@ Heli_light_03_base_F missing hitpoints error

@ Fixed Doomsday mags ammo count

@ rhsusf_mrzr4_w_mud missing textures error

@ SU-230/PVS (CX5395) version of SpecterDR, was not displaying the correct reticle in 2D optics

@ Some vehicles had missing author strings when running USAF standalone

@ Only one mirror was functioning in FMTV gunner's view

@ Some missing geo in 90s M113

@ PiP view on FMTVs' passenger side mirrors, were inverted

@ Editor option to fold MRZR roll cage, was not functioning

@ Fixed Mark V SOC Zeus hint

@ Unarmed M113 view gunner LOD missing selection names: animation to hide IFF panels did not work, and cupola was always showing desert camo

@ Fixed duplicate turret hitpoints .rpt spam for some of the vehicles

@ IFF panels on M2A3 Bradley variants would shrink when using the "Hide IFF Panel" animation

@ Minor M109 alpha sorting bug when viewing antennas through the wire mesh on the turret bustle

@ Fixed MELB camera twitching when switching to ground lock

@ AH-64 & AH-1z were missing gunBeg/End memory points definition

@ Fixed mMaxDroop typo in PhysX configs of many USAF vehicles

@ Fixed MZRZ sound configuration

@ Fixed AI in A10A didn't want to use GAU-8 on ground targets

@ Fixed damage in AFM from rolling on the ground on UH-60 & CH-47

@ M977A4 (Repair) cabin SVC lights displaced

@ ACU uniform insignia alpha sorting

@ AH-1Z/UH-1Y Changed maximum and minimum anti-torque rotor pitch T0003819

@ UH-60M slightly changed SAS gsins.

@ Fixed ALQ-131 z fighting from pilot LOD

@ Fixed GAU-8 devbranch errors

@ Fixed mod logos


  • Redundant animation to hide AIM-9s on AH-64D, no longer shows in Vehicle Customisation (was made obsolete by Dynamic Loadouts)

  • Removed US tropical verdant variants


ADDED IN 0.4.4

  • Added Dynamic Object Drawing option to RHS Menu Options. In planes & helicopters it's possible to decide whether near zero pixel object chopping optimization should be applied to ground vehicles. Following options are available: Off, Limited by Object View Distance, Limited by Terrain Draw Distance. By default option is turned off

  • Adds M1084 Special Operations Vehicle

  • Eden editor attribute for M1085 CBPS and M1078 CP Box deployment

  • Italian strings by AtixNeon


^ Improved Glock 17 diffuse textures

^ Added showAsCargo params to UH-1 & 60

^ Increased M1117 wheels protection

^ Some more tweaks to A10A TVM script

^ Tweaked UH-1Y & UH-60M hitpoints

^ Added manual control to laser guided Hellfires as interim solution to locking issues

^ Tweaked sensors range further

^ Tweaked CH-53 sensors and display range

^ Gave AGM-56B 3500m range back

^ Tweaked UH-1Y firegeometry & hitpoints

^ Adjusted M1 coax FCS calculations

^ Removed manual guidance from Longbow Hellfire

^ Added manual guidance to DAGR

^ Cleaned out redundant animation options from M1085 CBPS and M1078A1R M1084A1R SOVs in Virtual Garage

^ Adjusted A10A hitpoints

^ Reduced flickering of gauges in driver's view of SOV FMTVs

^ Adjusted M249 weapon masses, based on their visual configuration (fitted rails, bipod etc.)

^ Cleaned out several redundant UV sets in M249+VFG models

^ Adjusted A10A hitpoints

FIXED IN 0.4.4

@ Fixed LT660 holo collimator effect

@ Typo in RHS_MELB_AH6M_H classname

@ Fixes textures for SOV FMTV and adds new areas for upcoming SOV model

@ Fixed A10A TVM not shutting down after firing all Mavericks

@ Fixed engine startup script

@ Fixed Littlebird gravity boxes collision

@ Fixed M113 missing right click zoom for driver

@ Fixed M622 6rnd smoke grenade mass

@ Fixed A10A RWR not showing detected threats properly

@ Removed manual control from some AGM65 missile variants

@ Fixed SU-230/PVS (CX5395) not being visible in Arsenal

@ Fixed FMTV SOV get in memory points

@ Fixed M113 driver KIA anims

@ Fixed rogue IFF proxy in of the m113a3 w/ m240 LODs

@ Fixed typo in UH60 door eden attribute

@ SOV texture fixes

@ Fixed SOV textures

@ UH-60M adjusted curve of lateral cyclic controls.

@ UH-60 Fixed linearization of lateral cyclic in last update.

@ UH-60 Changed controls mixing and roll damper SAS gain.

@ Removed M113 hatch movement from unarmed variant (didn't find way to somehow give control over rotation) - close T2297

@ M1078A1R SOV speedometer movement was backwards

@ UH-60 Tweaked longitudinal cyclic ranges.

@ UH-60 Tweaked mixing values.

@ Fixed parts of M153 CROWS glass not rotating with the rest of the turret



  • Extra selection for rank patch and name tape customisation on ACU

  • Added engine startup delay to A10A

  • UH-60M Added Pitch Bias Actuator


^ FMTV fording depth

^ Another tweak to engine startup script to improve it's behaviour in MP

^ Improved auto-trimmer functionality for UH-60M AFM

^ Increased M19 mine hit value

^ US Army RG-33 groups now use the 66 models instead of the old outdated (and hidden) 44

^ Tweaked M430 & M433 damage values

^ Extended AGM-114 locking ranges to some degree. Following indications by gatordev that 4km is below average laser Hellfire performance

^ Extended AH-64D radar coverage in line with the changes to its main armament

^ Removed ace_overpressure entries

^ Tweaked Stinger ammo params

^ Tweaked Mk211 particle effects

^ UH-60M improved SAS

^ M242 lock disabled


@ Corrected UH1 HUD position & tweaked FFAR ammo params

@ Fixed IOTV lod issue

@ Improved Chinook rotor sound

@ FMTV exhaust pfx location

@ A10A RWR should no longer detect IR missiles

@ UH-60M Slightly tweaked SAS and collective ranges

@ Changed UH-60M collective and cyclic ranges

@ Changed UH-60M ATRQ ranges

@ Fixed AH1Z/AH64 gunner sensors

@ "lever ramp" misspelling

@ Reduced some the M1 HEAT rounds max lead

@ Fixed F-22 texture selection

@ Caiman transport capacity was wrong on a couple of variants

@ Fixed Stinger inventory restrictions

@ Fixed BMG tracers

@ Fixed wrong texture name for MRZRs in distant LODs

@ ESSS/EWS UH-60s missing from cfgPatches

@ Fixed some MAAWS ammo values



ADDED IN 0.4.3

  • Dynamic loadouts for combat aircraft (Arma 3 v1.70)

  • Configured sensors for aircraft and missiles (Arma 3 v1.70)

  • Script for operating A-10A's TVM targetting from cockpit view, in addition to pilotCamera (movement controls bound to User15-User18 inputs)

  • New AIM-120D AMRAAM model

  • New AGM-65 Maverick model, and variants with different sensor types

  • Cluster bombs (Using Jets DLC Rockeye model in the interim)

  • Option to disable radio chatter by setting rhs_vehicleRadioChatter to 0 per mission or vehicle

  • Option to disable spall simulation by setting RHS_SPALL_ENABLED to false (however, it's recommended to leave this enabled)

  • Flag proxies for USAF planes and helicopters

  • Helicopters received Advanced Flight Model

  • More UH-60 variants: Unarmed, ESSS and EWS wings

  • DIRCM countermeasures system added to several US helicopters

  • Customisation option to hide UH-1Y cargo doors

  • Animated steering controls for tracked vehicles that had driver's interior (Bradley and M113)

  • IBAS Block 2 sight/FCS for M2A3 Bradley

  • Caiman MRAPs (M1220 Caiman, M1230 Caiman Plus and M1230A1 Caiman ambulance)

  • New FMTV truck model (Old M0178 and M1083 trucks replaced. New variants: M1078 tactical shelter and Special Operations Vehicle, M1084 cargo handler, and M1085 deployable shelter)

  • Olive MRZR textures

  • User action to fold the MRZR's roll cage

  • Initial version of Army Combat Uniform

  • Eagle MBAV body armour

  • HGU-56/P pilot helmet

  • New ACVC-H model

  • Oakley SI ballistic goggles

  • Shemagh and Shemagh+Goggles

  • M3 MAAWS

  • Vector 21-B (only has basic rangefinding capability in this release)

  • Aimpoint T1

  • G33 magnifier

  • Remade WMX flashlight textures and materials (inc. new black MWX variant)

  • Camo variants of TiTan suppressor (for M2010)

  • Camo variants of the HK416 D14.5

  • Woodland camo variants of M4A1 PIP's

  • Woodland camo variants of M552 CCO and AFG weapon attachments

  • Laser/Light attachment slot for Glock 17

  • Proper inventory images for USMC 8-Point Cover and Boonie

  • M855 5.56mm ball ammunition+magazines

  • MRZR 4 decals


^ Balanced USAF aircraft armor against AFRF counterparts

^ PreloadAddons array for better compatiblity in multiplayer

^ LODDriverTurnedOut & LODDriverTurnedIn parameter configured for USF vehicles

^ Workaround for AI boarding vehicles in FFV cargo seats before the main gunner seat

^ viewDriverInExternal property configured for USF vehicles

^ Included new tankTurnForceAngSpd, accelAidForceCoef and accelAidForceSpd physX parameters for tracked vehicles (Arma 3 v1.78)

^ Some Multiplayer optimization of FCS code

^ Made default key for RHS FCS lasing, the same as standard Arma 3 'Lase Range' key

^ Tweaked engine startup script

^ Adjusted fuel explosion force

^ Improved SPC vest Shadow LOD geometry to remove artifacts on the left side

^ Cleaned up SPC vest UV sets and names properties

^ MARSOC units handed in their SPC vest in exchange for new MBAVs

^ Made planes compatible with the UI throttle indicator (Arma 3 v1.70)

^ Defined targetSize parameters for attack aircraft (Arma 3 v1.70)

^ Correct lock-on type settings for Stinger and Javelin (Arma 3 v1.70)

^ Improvement to missile visuals - launch effects and animations

^ Reduced acceleration of AIM-9X and AIM-120 to more realistic values

^ AIM-9X changed to BIS model from Jets DLC

^ Air-launched rockets will have some dispersion pattern (Arma 3 1.78)

^ Tweaked lock-on threat detection for attack aircraft

^ Updated C-130's Flight Model with numerous Apex config settings

^ Visual upgrade for A-10A HUD and cockpit textures

^ F-22A's exhaust damage smoke is now tied to proper hitpoints

^ Standardised F-22A's Virtual Garage UI Picture (white silhouette)

^ New sound configuration for F-22A, using Jets DLC effects

^ Adjusted air friction of ejected aircraft canopies

^ UH-60M MEV (ESSS) now uses the more typical, full-size wings with 4 hardpoints

^ Some passengers were clipping in to each other in the UH-60M cargo variants

^ More zeroing steps for vehicle-mounted Mk19

^ Locality check when spawning M119 spent shells

^ Improved AI support for M252 mortar

^ usePiP = 2; parameter configured in M252 mortar

^ Defined collisionShape property for static weapon crew animations

^ Changed regular TOW flight profile to flat trajectory

^ Adjusted values of TOW 2B HEAT penetrator

^ Updated Muzzle flashes proxies on USAF vehicles to newer ones

^ Unified physX of M1A1 & M1A2

^ Improved M1 Abrams damage handling script

^ Corrected the number of smoke grenades launched by M1A1FEP & M1A1HC

^ Increased M240C Coax rate of fire to 950 rpm

^ Renamed 120mm (X)M1069 HE/FRAG ammunition with its new designation: M1147

^ Removed last round tracers on all non tracer magazines

^ Removed gun barrel from M2 Bradley's physX LOD to reduce risk of erratic collision behaviour

^ Increased armour of M2 Bradley driver hatch

^ Prevented creation of duplicate tubes when removing a fired disposable launcher via the inventory menu

^ Displayname of 30rnd M855A1 magazine was made consistant with other 5.56mm magazines

^ Aspect ratio of inventory/Arsenal icon images for pistols, were made consistent

^ Laser/light slot for Glock, made compatible with new Joint Rails pistol accessory slot

^ Inventory images for various weapon accessories

^ Better Rotex 5.56mm suppressor visuals and some optimisation of model data

^ Adjusted length of Mk11 rifle suppressor

^ Improved Omega9K pistol suppressor's _co texture

^ Reduced environment reflection on lenses of some some optic attachments

^ M32 grenade launcher now has full support for side/pointer slot attachments

^ Increased muzzle velocity of MP7 ammunition

^ Improved responsiveness of accessories scripts

^ Remade Lerca rangefinder optics at higher resolution

^ Improved MRZR textures and physX

^ Improved accuracy of RG-33L speedometer

^ Animated HMMWV temperature gauges

^ Added buoyancy property to HMMWV models

^ Casing of displaynames for M1117 user action

^ Updated DUKE TFAR jamming script with tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator and tf_transmittingDistanceMultiplicator variables

^ Reduced vertical stretching of insignia on Army Combat Shirt

^ Adjusted belt loops on 101st Abn. 82nd Abn. and 10th Mtn. uniform models

^ Many tweaks to sounds

FIXED IN 0.4.3

@ Missing Arsenal/Garage author tags

@ F-22 missing eject action

@ 'Updating base class' errors

@ Errors from dialogs using old TahomaB font. Now switched to PuristaMedium

@ Weapon holder classes generated by config Macro, were faulty

@ Low armorStructural value was making body armour ineffective on RHS units

@ Flickering alpha textures in AH-64D and A-10A cockpits when HBAO is enabled

@ C-130J had invisible propellers

@ SOCOM units were missing NVG eventHandler

@ USMC engineer wasn't equipped with a backpack that had a toolkit

@ Floating parts on one of the MICH helmets' lower LODs

@ AH-1Z rotor spinning in the wrong direction

@ UH-1Y rotor spinning in the wrong direction and wobbling when banking

@ AH-64D & AH-1Z gunners had a doubled HMD

@ AH-64D & AH-1Z AI pilots would ascend continuously when given a waypoint to move to - increased 'maxSpeed' parameter to fix

@ UH-60M right spotlight was always glowing (wrong selection name)

@ UH-60M landing gear caused damage when taxiing on USS Freedom's deck

@ CH-47 could carry a couple more passengers than it had cargo proxy positions for

@ Missing sound occlusionFactor and obstructionFactor parameters

@ AI tank gunners in player's team refused to fire without explict command

@ AI fire-modes for M240C coax used default BI sounds

@ Several vehicles spawned shell casings from the vehicle centre rather than the turret when firing M2 HMG

@ Typo in HEDP rockets' short description

@ Typo in 105mm M1 HE-FRAG magazine displayname

@ Typo in displayname of Canister rounds

@ Missing font error with Lerca rangefinder when running USAF standalone

@ Ejection seats were causing CTDs

@ Visual artifacts on iron sights of weapon models containing alpha textures, when looking through certain scope attachments

@ Tan PEQ-15/M952V would turn black when switching laser/light mode on HK416

@ M107 inherited laser/light attachments slot

@ M32 sinking units in the ground when deployed (no bipod mem point)

@ MP7 optics proxy wasn't centred

@ Hole in the front of SR25 Supressor mesh

@ Some models had incorrect or outdated material paths applied

@ Some crew-served weapons unintentional inherited Fire Control System following Arma 3 v1.70 update

@ FMTV gunners were missing some UI elements

@ MRZR idleRPM value was too low, and not producing engine sound

@ Parts of M1 Abrams, M113 and M109 crew/occupant anatomy visibly clipped out of the hull, following Arma 3 1.76 enabling viewDriverInExternal

@ M113 caused a large volume of Message not sent spam in server .rpt

@ Error when turning out in M113

@ Wrong pathname in M113 textureSources


  • Long obsolete rhsusf_marks_fix.pbo (may need to be removed manually from your local/server modfolder depending on your method of mod management)

  • FMTV M1087 Expandable Van variant (classnames in old missions will direct to appropriate replacement FMTVs)

  • 3D/PiP variants of scopes have been hidden from Eden/Zeus/RHS Ammo Box, since they are swapped out by user preference anyway


  • M67 sight unit on M252 mortar

  • 81mm mortar cases

  • Animation for hand on M107 stock when deployed

  • Flag proxies for USAF ground vehicles

  • Camo texture variants for HK416 (SOPMOD Stock)

  • New sounds for M590, MP7 and M242 (Bradley autocannon)


^ Updates to M252 mortar

^ Improved Abrams Fire Geometry around wheels

^ Abrams loader speed is now also dependent on speed of vehicle

^ Improved A-10 MFD (CCIP piper, working compass etc.)

^ Advanced hitpoints & suspension for A10, C130J & F-22

^ A-10's GAU-8 is now using mixed AP:HE rounds in 4:1 ratio

^ M230 & M197 30mm rounds have HEDP penetration now

^ Improved hitpoints for UH-60M, CH-47 & AH-64

^ Improved shadows on CH-47 and CH-53

^ UH-1Y flight model is a bit more agile/flies less like a whale

^ Removed artifacts in UH-1Y rotor textures

^ Moved some seats to reduce clipping with passengers on UH-1Y

^ Reduced glossiness of UH-1Y interior materials

^ Hand on stock script is more flexible for use with 3rd party mods

^ Modified position of M249, M240 & M107

^ Adjusted HK416/M27 scale

^ Adjusted suppressor position on SR25 EC

^ Improved bipod and grip proxy alignment on USAF weapons

^ hasUnderBarrel animation for M16A4 lower rail cover

^ Better ACOG reticle calibration & adjusted appearance of USMC chevron reticles

^ Made Mk211 Raufoss ammo explosion less apocalyptic (until a custom effect can be made)

^ Darkened dataplate texture on M72

^ Mark V SOC use now "deleted" event handler - additional roadway lod is removed in all cases now (i.e. while using VG or deleteVehicle script command)

^ M113 & RG-33L now use turnIn/Out event handlers for handling hatches

^ New turret limits for M113 & RG-33L FFV seats

^ Customisation option to mount flag at the front or rear of HEMTT (for convoy procedure)


@ Typo in UH-1Y displayname

@ Typo in firegeometry of UH-60M left doors

@ Typo in rvmat path of UH-60M MEV

@ M24 was missing bipod memory point

@ M27 IAR grip switching didn't work correctly with some vert grips

@ M249 bipod shadow didn't animate when deployed

@ M249 VFG (long variant) didn't hide its original flash-hider when muzzle attachments were fitted

@ Abrams FCS overshooting targets

@ Gap in Abrams driver's triplex view appearing in some screen resolutions

@ Some unit loadouts (USMC javeling carring SMAW missiles in backpack & overloaded units mainly)

@ MRZR and RG-33L classnames missing from cfgPatches units[] array (affected Zeus spawning)

@ DUKE activation/deactivation hints were broadcast to other players

@ Wrong M112 demo charge magazine generated after defusing

@ Wrong path to CH-53 RotorLib config

@ CH-53 rotors spun in the wrong direction

@ Reference point for towing CH-53 with Leshrack's mod, was underground

@ Sound occlusion made weapons too quiet



  • ARDEC 4-prong M240 flash-hider

  • New M252 model


^ M14 AP mine specular values

^ Tweaked maxLeadSpeed parameter for HEAT and HE rounds

^ M397 HET grenades added to RHSUSF supply crates

^ Interior lights for RG-33L

^ RG-33L's rhino mast will now collide with structures and vehicles

^ Adjusted RG-33L Anti Roll Bar force

^ MRZR damage visuals

^ MRZR can now carry small objects with the setVehicleCargo command in Arma 1.68

^ Adjusted MRZR braking force and other PhysX parameters

^ Adjusted HK416-type rifle muzzle-flash rotation limits to work better with flash-hider attachments


@ M14 AP mine missing texture errors

@ Flashlights did not work when attached to MP7

@ Displayname for 6-round M397 magazine was inconsistent with the single round mag

@ Ironsights on M4 w/ Magpul furniture were using the wrong zeroing and memory point settings

@ RG-33L high/low beam headlights weren't functioning properly

@ RG-33L wheels floated slightly above the ground

@ MRZR now uses the correct sound filter for open-topped vehicles

@ F-22 landing lights were not originating from the correct positions

@ M27 IAR with TD grip would not accept some optics that fit the grip-less M27

@ M27 IAR flash-hider did not hide in viewPilot LOD when a muzzle attachment was fitted

@ Some pistols were missing 'baseweapon' parameter and would not show in Arma 1.68 Virtual Arsenal

@ replaced hasBipod animation sources with hasUnderbarrel

@ Missing side skirts on M113 M2 variants



ADDED IN 0.4.2

  • Interior lights for M2, M113, M1117, C130, UH60, UH1

  • Vehicle in Vehicle support for flatbed HEMMTS

  • Custom muzzle flashes for USF weapons

  • M40A5 sniper rifle

  • Schmidt & Bender M8541 scope

  • SU-260/P Machine Gun Day Optic (ACOG TA648MDO)


  • Early generation M249 variants: pre-PIP skeleton stock, PIP solid stock etc.

  • SAW front grip attachment (currently only compatible with M249 itself)

  • New Harris bipod variant for mounting on M40 and M24

  • SilencerCo Omega 9K (9mm suppressor)

  • Rotex-II MP7 (4.6mm suppressor)

  • MP7A2 (replaces old MP7A1 model)

  • hiddenSelections for SPC vests

  • hiddenSelections for HK416

  • Flags in cfgFactions

  • Engine startup/stop time script for USAF ground vehicles (RHS_ENGINE_STARTUP_OFF = true; to disable)

  • Script for automated equipment of NVGs at night (if available in a unit's inventory)

  • M397 40mm airburst grenade

  • M14 AP mine

  • New M67 (frag) and M69 (practice) hand grenade models

  • Javelin AT assistants/ammo-bearers

  • New TOW missile variants, including TOW 2B with Overfly Top Attack (OTA)

  • New IK anims for several crew-served weapons

  • Ability to disable voice announcer (bitching betty) in RHS options menu

  • M1232 6X6 MRAP (RG33L)

  • MRZR 4 ATV

  • AN/PAS-13G(V)1 Light Weapon Thermal Sight by Erick Tjoe (

  • Ops-Core FAST Maritime helmet

Improved IN 0.4.2

^ Reconfigured inventory mass of items, magazines and weapons in a more unified way across all RHS mods

^ Unified bolt action script using new 1.66 weapon eventhandlers

^ Unified disposable launcher script using new 1.66 weapon eventhandlers

^ Config parameter "aimTransitionSpeed" introduced in 1.66, is added to USAF weapons

^ New textures for M24

^ New textures for AN/PEQ-15 and model adjusted for locking pin

^ Reduced MELB engine & tail rotor armor

^ Optimized SPC & IOTV vests (sections count, more res lods, removed old camelback from pilot view)

^ Calibration of Elcan M145 2D & 3D reticle

^ Laser position on ANPEQs

^ Standard USMC Scout Sniper classes are now equipped with M40A5, added new classes with the previous Mk11 (M110 stand-in) loadout

^ HMMWVs more difficult to roll over

^ Better HMMWV glass reflection

^ M1 tank optics zoom levels

^ Increased dispersion of M230 & M197 helicopter autocannons

^ Tweaked ERA hitpoint values on Bradley

^ Improved grip attachment system to support compatibility across RHS factions and support for 3rd party addons

^ Flipped Premier M8541A scope normals, tweaked rvmat and improved glass reflection

^ Optimisation of M249s (reduced from 12 sections to 5 by merging textures), and other model adjustments

^ M249 PIP variants accept all 5.56mm muzzle attachments

^ M249 PIP VFG variants compatible with grip attachment system

^ C-130 texture tweaks

^ MARSOC units's helmets switched from FAST Ballistic High Cut to FAST Maritime

^ Simple gas block and gas tube models for MK18 and M4BII handguards

^ Better visual transition between M113 resolution LODs

^ Made Camelback cap color on USMC vests less "luminous"

^ Set maxZeroing values for US sniper rifles and marksmen rifles to include their published effective range

^ Increased zeroing range of 20x Leupold scope

^ Increased M107 dispersion slightly from 1.3 MOA (from GM6 parent class), to 1.5 MOA based on published statements of accuracy for the rifle

^ Implemented setShotParents to spall & heat scripts

^ Optimised M32 shadow LOD to improve performance

^ Bipods compatibility with Joint Rails

^ DUKE countermeasures script improved to allow (RG-33L) drivers to control DUKE instead of commanders

^ M1117 now use countermeasures for DUKE activation

^ M1117 section count reduction

^ Glock17 normals and .rvmat tweaks

^ Glock17 trigger animation now includes a moving trigger safety

^ Green tint to NVG lenses & cleaned up named properties

^ Added some transparency to AN/PVS-14 view

^ Servo sounds for M1 commander turret

^ M1 damage texture workaround

^ Ability to change ammunition loadout of M252, M119 & M109

^ Changed simulation of M119 spent cases

^ Old HMMWV bull bars (M998 style) and tail hitch, selectable through Virtual Garage/Eden

^ Updated editor preview images to reflect some recent loadout changes

^ New M107 sounds

^ New CH-47 rotorLib configuration, based upon Huron - thanks swissMAG!

^ increased MPAT damage radius

^ Leica laser now triggers Shtora

^ Added airLock=1 to tank ATGMs & HEATs (AI should now engage helicopters with them)

^ Reduced hand size on G3 uniforms

^ Cleared excess UV sets data from numerous weapon models (.p3d file optimisation)

^ Reduced glossiness of glass screen between pilot and copilot/gunner in AH-64 cockpit to improve visibility

^ Cleaned up isolated verts from SR25, M4BII & Mk18

^ Raised OpticView memory point on Leupold and Premier scopes - improves "scoping in" camera movement

^ Weapon tails sound curve

^ Adjusted mass of rifles with grenade launchers based on GL type

^ Tweaked AH-1Z hitpoints

^ AH-1Z loadout switches to AGM-114K

^ AH-64D Apache Longbow loadouts now have a mix of AGM-114L and AGM-114K

^ Disabled AGM-114L laser locking

^ Disabled Tab-locking on A-10 and MELB

^ Applied AFRF SACLOS script to TOW

^ TOW visual effects in flight (visible tracer behind missile, script for hiding exhaust flames of booster)

^ Replaced BGM-71D in TOW launcher and Bradley with BGM-71E and BGM-71H

^ More animations for TOW launcher, including height adjustment of the launcher and IK for the gunner

^ Added missing control handles to TOW launcher

^ PiP sight in first person view LOD of TOW launcher

^ M1 tank drivers use thermal camera for night operations

^ M61 hit value adjusted to be more consistent with other bullets

^ Retextured M2 ammo tray

^ LOD switching on ACH and MICH helmets

^ M113 FFV hatch handling is now performed by event-based scripts (function is shared by RG-33L FFV seats)

^ Visual damageHide selections for Mark V

^ Death animations for Mark V crew

^ Tweaked Mark V physX and sounds

^ Reduced CH-53E cargo capacity to 24 seated (30 personnel in full combat gear was unrealistic)

^ Moved Lerca rangefinder ground item to the Inventory Items subcategory in Eden editor

FIXED IN 0.4.2

@ Fixes to mod.cpp file

@ Adapted RHS Arsenal to 1.64 changes

@ RHSUSF menu option not working in standalone mode

@ M1A1FEP & M1A1HC commander MG fixed

@ DUKE antennas textures on M1A2SEP TUSK II change with vehicle colour

@ M107 mass

@ Bolt action rifles anims broken after throwing grenade

@ WMX + ANPEQ were missing proper entries to fit HK416 rail

@ Restored insignia & clan patches to UCP & FROG uniforms

@ M62 20rnd & 5rnd mags tracers were not working

@ Buckshot hit errors

@ M1117 turned out commander was moving with main turret

@ M1117 gunner view point clipping when aiming high

@ Hitpoints on Gen 3 uniforms

@ Some bugs in M1 FCS

@ UH60M landing gear issues

@ NVGs visible in first person view on some unit models

@ scope = 1; for M107 magazine base class (was appearing in "All Magazines" tab in Arsenal)

@ A-10 & F-22 no longer takes damage during proper landing

@ Non-convex component in HMMWV geometry LOD

@ HMMWV engine smoke mem points

@ HMMWV engine sounds

@ M1025 damage textures

@ M1025 w/ M2 had autocenter=0 property, affecting fording behaviour

@ Fording behavior of HEMMT, M1 and M109

@ UV mapping error on the back of M16A4 buttstock

@ M16A4 Carryhandle + M203 had no weight difference with M16A4 carryhandle

@ Consistent weight across M4 GL variants (M320 weight > M203 weight > M203S weight)

@ Helmets clipping through upper hull in M113 cargo positions

@ M320 sidearm could mount a pistol suppressor in Arsenal

@ M590 sound config error

@ M240B missing side attachment/pointer slot

@ Changed SMAW sight to 2d version, due to changes in how Arma handles zeroing animations when optics are attached

@ Various C-130 interior LOD issues with the ramp, HUD visibility etc.

@ Parts of the loader's hatch were not following the turret rotation on M1A1SA models

@ Corrected M919 30mm APFSDS penetration

@ Added RHS tag to skeleton of M252 mortar to prevent conflicts with other addons

@ CH-53 parsenumber error

@ AI M1 tanks had wrong simulation refresh rate

@ Texture error for HMMWV BFT

@ M1 Abrams mass value

@ M1A1HC had belly armour by mistake

@ UCP Joint Fires Observer was missing a helmet

@ Magazines of disposable launchers were marked as premium content

@ UAV helper is now created on local machine only

@ Cleared duplicated strings from Stringtable.xml

@ M150 RCO w/ AN/PVS-27 would be replaced by a normal ACOG when mounted on a weapon (was inheriting 2D/3D/PiP preference script from parent ACOGs)

@ Error from unrecognised hasBipod anim source in SOPMOD rifles

@ Error when defusing M19 mine

@ Fixed M19 AT mine deactivated model, shadow lod and description in Stringtable.xml

@ M72 LAW changing eye point after fire

@ RPT error regarding rhs_dummy_mag

@ Static weapon zeroing info was in the wrong position in UI

@ MarkV SOC driver proxy was missing from Fire Geometry LOD

@ Shell ejection memory points on static M2 & HMMMWV w/ M2

@ Typo in the incomingMissileDetectionSystem parameter of some units

@ Ejection seat could cause Crash To Desktop

@ Chemical Energy surface modifier for RHS vehicle armour system did not work on cars


  • Removed redundant models, materials and textures from the M249 folder

  • 4*4 RG33 scoped out from US Army faction (intended to be replaced by RG33L)

  • Scoped out old MP7A1 classes. Now inherit from new MP7A2 equivalents

  • Removed redundant models, textures and materials from MP7 folder


  • M24 SWS Sniper rifle

  • Pro-Tec helmet family

  • Add Mk 18 new rail model and painted variants

  • Add M4A1 SOPMOD Block II new rail model and painted variants

  • Add M4A1 SOPMOD Block II new rail model and M203 variant

  • Add Eden Preview pictures for almost all USAF units

  • Add MARSOC revamped units and new ones

  • Add option to move inside of CH47 & CH53

  • Add option to attach & paradrop items from CH47 & CH53

  • Add optic preference settings to rRHS options menu (3D, PiP or 2D)

  • Trigger.0 anim for rifle trigger (replaces reload source for trigger)

  • Trigger.1 anim for UGL triggers (selections added to models)

  • Grenade warhead hides when UGLs are fired (based on revolving.1 source)

  • Added Woodland version of LWH with Black ESS and Cover.

  • Bouyancy LOD for all HMMWVs

  • Class Sound to HMMWV and raised interior idle sounds

  • DUKE jamming and destruction script (M1117, M1A1 FEP, M1A2SEP v2 and Bradleys)

  • Mk11 painted variants

  • Added Lower mounted version of Premier scope


^ New sounds for weapons (M240, M249, M203, M16, M4, etc.)

^ Improved M1A2 HMG handling

^ Improved ACOG fibre cable, glass material & added 3d variant

^ Specter 3D reticles scaled up to better match ballistics and ranging

^ Added hidden selections for Mk18 & M4 BII

^ Added Mk18 & M4A1 SOPMOD Block II in our VA boxes

^ Tweaked Mark V res lods - reoargaized seats to allow easiers managment of proxy res lods

^ Moved guns to separate compartments to unclutter action menu for Mark V

^ Increased specular power of XPS3 glass

^ Increased cargo capacity of Mark V

^ Tweaked recoil to be more consistent across AFRF and USF

^ Full revamp of NT4 suppressor (model and textures)

^ Rewritten gripod system to use EHs instead of loop - increased performance & reliability

^ Add fron ironsight shadow on m107

^ Tweaked premiere scope shadow & added shadow res lod

^ Tweaked Eotech 552 shadows

^ Tweaked infantry footwear shadows

^ Tweaked surefire shadow on ACH helmets

^ Automated monitor deploy for MELB copilot when going into optic view

^ Tweaks to boat loading (still WIP)

^ It's possible to hide cargo benches on CH-53E now

^ Optimization to paradrop & move inside scripts

^ Tweaked C130J MFD

^ Add Eden attribute to attach boats to Mk V & boat loading finalization

^ 40mm grenade mesh in UGL barrels was modified so that the break between the "gl_bullet" and "gl_cartridge" selections is accurate.

^ Scaled up suppressors

^ M1117 fording depth

^ HMMWV fording depth

^ Improved M4A1 Thermal texture

^ M1117 & HMMWVs were missing engine smoke effect

^ Improved HMMWVs engine hitpoints

^ Add fancy stuff to M1117 (optic destruction, duke destruction, 3 additional passenger seats inside)

^ Add wound texture for Gen 3

^ Add DUKE destruction to Bradleys & M1 tanks

^ Add ability to hide DUKE antennas on Bradleys

^ HMMWV engine damage selection

^ Gear visibility in cargo lod of UH60M (change visible for FFV seats)

^ Tweaked FFV limits on UH1Y

^ Tweaked cargo positions on UH1Y

^ Tweaked amphibious physx of M113 (turning ratio, max speed)

^ Improved M8541A SSDS visuals

^ Tweaked textures and rvmats for FMTV/HEMTT/HMMWV/CH-47/UH-60/M1117(UN Variant) to fit better with new lighting

^ Lower res LODs for rocket pods

^ Squad XML positioning in CH-47/UH-60/AH-1

^ Tweaked gear and weapon textures to better fit with lighting


@ Fixed config inheritance errors with the new APEX config system

@ USMC squad leader was missing weapons due to typo in cfg

@ AH1Z GS had broken rockets

@ USMC RG-33 /w m2 had wrong turret texture

@ Alpha issue with collimators on Mk18 & M4BII

@ Fixed M113 M2 shell casing

@ Mark V irradiance map .rpt errors in diagnostic.exe

@ Mark V M134 particle effects pos

@ Mark V missing gunner get in points for both M2 & M134

@ Mark V - displays not working

@ Zeus placeable M107 was missing scope=2

@ Fixed M1A2SEP (non tusk) commander couldn't use his M2 when turned out

@ Missing geometry in ejection port of Mk18 & M4 Block II

@ Reduced visiblity of C130J HUD

@ Missing parts in shadow lod of M240G & B

@ Fixed HK416 full auto mode AI distances

@ Fixed M113 (ammo) variant texture randomization

@ Spent disposable launchers adding magazine in inventory

@ Increased M107 and it's magazines mass

@ Removed strap loop from the top of Bowman earpiece in MICH helmets, to stop clipping through

@ Unified and improved HMMWV engine hitpoint position

@ Hellfire now use proper penetrator

@ Removed pilot targeting pod from F-22, UH1Y & CH47

@ Fixed A-10 TVM ui

@ Fixed hHEMTT light points & hitpoints

@ Fixed Mark V SOC troop capacity

@ Fixed vehicle M2 gunner bounding-sphere size

@ Fixed bad geometry and unnecessary UV channels in FMTV/HEMTT/HMMWV/CH-47/UH-60



ADDED IN 0.4.1

  • 160th SOAR (A) AH-6 Littlebird

  • 160th SOAR (A) MH-6 Littlebird

  • Mark V SOC (Special Operations Craft)

  • M1117 Guardian ASV (Big thank you to Cleggy)

  • HEMTT A4 (Armored and normal cab)

  • M107 Barrett Anti-material rifle

  • M72A7 LAW Man-ported rocket

  • MP7 Submachine gun

  • M8541A USMC Day Scope

  • AN/PVS-27 Night Vision Scope combos

  • WMX Flashlight and WMX and AN/PEQ-15 combo

  • New AN/PEQ-15 model and black textures

  • New variants of Fast Ops-Core with strobes on the back

  • New Rockets, hellfire/rocket pods for USMC and Army helicopters

  • UH-1Y Ground suppression variant (2x19-tube rocket pod/2x miniguns)

  • A-10A AT variant with six AGM-65 missiles

  • Crye Precision G3 Uniform in Multicam, M81, Black, Ranger green and tan variants

  • MARPAT 8-point caps

  • New MARPAT booniehats

  • First SPCS US Army variant vests

  • Vertical Grips for rifles

  • US Army Airborne soldiers and groups

  • Breacher backpack

  • M62 tracer 20rnd mag 7.62

  • Added some decals to HMMWVs

  • Rest of USMC number decals

  • Added paradrop waypoint

  • Added master safemode switch to A-10, F-22, AH-64 & AH-1Z.

  • Added Safe mode for these weapons: M4, M4A1, M16, M9,

  • Added Iron sights animations for these weapons: M4, M4A1, M16, M27, M240, M249, SR-25, Mk14

  • Added High ROF mode to A-10 GAU

  • Added ability to specify if disposable launchers are thrown away automatically after changing weapon in RHS menu options (by default turned on)

  • Added US flag and map marker.

  • added hidden selections to M113

  • New Grip System for AR-15 family, they are used in the under-barrel slot.

  • Added hidden selections to M16 & M240

  • M2010 new desert texture

  • M4A1 and M4A1 (M203) new desert texture

  • M552 and ACOG desert texture

  • Tan AFG grips

  • Added new M4, M16 & M27 as Zeus placeable, in VA and in crates

  • New sounds for the M2010 (bolt action and reload)

  • Add female warning voice system for all US aircrafts

  • Added HK416

  • Desert texture for Leupold Mk4 ER/T

  • Engine damage smoke effects

  • SU-230 model (M4/M249 reticle), 3D matches 2D scope

  • SU-230A model (7.62mm rifle/M240 reticle), 3D matches 2D scope

  • Add SpecterDR 3D (CX) variant & SU230A 3D

  • Eotech XPS3

  • FFAR rocket models

  • Added turn in ability for armed HMMWVs, HEMMTs, FMTVs & RG-33

  • Add new "Armored" driver in US Army, and assigned it to US HEMTTs

  • SPC Textures sans USMC Flak patch


^ Eden integration of US units (new categories and attributes)

^ Fast Ops-Core model and texture revamp

^ SOPMOD M4s fitted with ironsights from M27

^ SOPMOD side rail proxies moved forward

^ Tweaks to USMC Recon loadout.

^ LAW & AT4 can now be carried in backpack

^ Swapped out old RHARD pack texture.

^ Tweaked AT-4 shadow

^ Tweaked M590 pump action anim

^ Add custom Falcon backpack textures

^ Tweaked M1 decal init

^ SR-25 renamed to Mk11 mod 0 (due to the rail system and other parts)

^ Changed Rifleman (M590) for Breacher for coherence

^ Tweaked rocket impact point for AH-64

^ Added res lods to RG-33 since plenty of people use it anyway

^ Tweaked M1 hitpoints & fixed some selection errors in res lods

^ Improved SR-25 standard stock scale

^ Assign M8541A to USMC snipers / marksmen

^ Changed AFM on CH-53 to CH-49 based

^ Allowed NT4 Suppressors for M249 with long barrel

^ Tweaks to UH-60 cyclic movement

^ RHSUSF_fnc_firedSaclos now uses cursorObject command

^ Improved paradrop script

^ Reduced M1 tanks max ammo to 36 rounds

^ Small tweaks to A-10 MFD

^ Remaked F22 mfd, gun is now aligned

^ WIP work on TV Maverick

^ Added ability to hide benches in C130 & CH47 for more cargo duties

^ Added hidden selections to covered MICH helmets

^ Improved M1911 reload anim

^ Improved wheel shadows for M113

^ Added filter selection to UH60

^ Simple HEAT simulation for vehicles without composite armour

^ SMAW muzzle synchronization now runs on each frame

^ Tweaked iron sights' textures

^ HEAT warhead simulation performance & reliability

^ Added AI dispersion for M256 cannon

^ Increased M1 reload time without loader

^ Tweaked M1 optics visuals

^ Tweaked lead scripts

^ USMC loadouts adopt Mk318 bullet as standard (as in real life)

^ Added fire on move script for M1

^ Added RG-33 proxy camo selections

^ Added prone M590 reload anims

^ Reenabled rechambering anim for m590

^ Changed M240 reload anim

^ Changed M107 reload anim

^ Changed CH53 ui picture

^ Changed javeling holding anim

^ Changed LAW inheritance

^ Increased Javelin locking time

^ Changed M27 IAR hand anim

^ Changed M590A1 magazine reload anim

^ Tweaked CBA compatibility

^ Improved Oakley glove weighting on US marine V2

^ Tweaked M113 3rd person view

^ Tweaked M113 ammo loadout

^ Configured engine hitpoints for c130

^ Made new firegeometry for Ch53 with working cargo proxies

^ Added glass destruction effect for Ch53

^ Allowed NT4 Suppressors for M249 with long barrel

^ Update Ammo & Weapon Crates

^ Patrol cap scaled down

^ Removed proxies from M1 tanks & added hidden selections

^ Tweaked gun mantlet FG for M1 tanks

^ Optimized res lods for M1 tanks

^ Added ability to hide DUKE antenna

^ Update Ammo & Weapon Crates

^ Slight reduction of section count on all models

^ Slight brightness increase for M2010 Desert paint.

^ Unscope Mk 18 & M4 Block 2

^ Improved SOPMOD 2 rifles hand anim

^ Removed 1.60 crewAim indicators from Bradley & M1 tanks

^ Added an inner aperture to the M27's rear ironsight, as per Misty's instructions.

^ Improved ACU arm weights.

^ Model and textures for LAU-61C/A

^ Tweaked AH-64 speed

^ Calibrated FCS calculations for M1069 HE rounds

^ M299 Helllfire pod

^ M261(19 shot FFAR pod) model and texture

^ AGM-114 model and texture

FIXED IN 0.4.1

@ Fixed SMAW Spotting rifle missing switching action with the new APEX control preset

@ Fixed M109A6 being too front heavy

@ Fixed M109 ghost lod

@ Repositioned rocket pod proxies on AH-1Z

@ A3 Eotech renamed to EXPS3

@ Fixed initSpeed inheritance since marksman dlc

@ Fixed length of M260(19 tube rocket launcher)

@ Renamed UH1Y skeleton for safety

@ Fixed M1025 unarmed ghost lod

@ UH-60 rotors are now properly set in the Shadow LOD

@ UH-60 rotor blur texture no longer has yellow stripes

@ UH-60 cyclic left/right animation is no longer inverted

@ HMMWV doors sounds

@ Fixed some .rpt errors connected with ejection seats & canopy

@ M1A1 FEP WD had texture swichted with OD variant

@ HEMMT & RG-33 OGPK mirror were mirrored

@ Fixed M9 holster position

@ AH64 & AH1Z gun particles position

@ Proper M203 anim for Bk2

@ M27 pilot views: added missing parts magazine release and fence, dust cover etc.

@ Front M113 IFF panel hiding

@ C130 get in bug seems to be fixed

@ Fixed M1a2 woodland spent cases eject pos

@ Proxy positions for rocket pods on AH-64

@ Fixed CH53 couldn't start flying in 3den

@ Fixed XEH error logs

@ Fix Wrong Opscore string

@ Fixed missing US strings

@ Fix missing weapon for USMC SARC (D)

@ Fixed - M151 spotting scope _icon type

@ Unhide CVCs

@ Fixed m1025 /w m2 ammo belt clipping

@ Fixed AGM missiles penetrator

@ Fixed infinite ammo thing

@ Fixed hitpoints compilation errors

@ C130J error message

@ Fix wrong RG33 Army spawning in USMC groups

@ M590 sounds not working

@ Fixed ACU missing patches and redid a bit the proportion

@ Fixed M2A3 BUSK III shadow lods hiding after destruction

@ Fixed M2 muzzle flash visibility on M113

@ M27 pilot views: added missing parts magazine release and fence and dust cover

@ Fixed pistol m320 zeroing

@ Fixed m249 rvmats wrong texture path

@ Fixed m249 mags initSpeed

@ Removed gear from plane canopies & ejection seat

@ LAW & AT4 is now reloaded properly

@ Fixed inverted FROG normals

@ Fixed missing selection in MICH 2000 MARPAT helmet

@ modelSides[] fixed for all US uniforms

@ Fixed M1025 unarmed ghost lod

@ Further tweaks to UH-60 cyclic movement


  • FROG M81 (it was a placeholder of the G3 M81, the old classname will link to the new uniform).

  • US Army and USMC squad leader handguns (to keep consistency with real life units).


  • New Ops-Core helmets

  • USMC Recon FAST helmet units & groups


^ Destruction rvmats for static weapons

^ Stacked EventHandlers for all vehicles

^ Clothing UI icons added, first pass

^ Muzzle flash rotation for M27 IAR

^ Static M2 magazine mount

^ Barrel heat refraction only visible on high graphical settings

^ Rear sight hiding for SR25


@ AFRF references on M68 CCO and ACOG pip

@ Ops-Core helmets

@ Raven

@ M16A4 grip animations

@ GC camera not working

@ rhsusf_mag_15Rnd_9x19_JHP ammo count

@ M1025, M1025A2 M2 & unarmed snorkels

@ Corrected M119 mass

@ USMC Recon strings

@ Missing static weapons in cfgPatches




  • M27 IAR rifle

  • M9 Beretta handgun

  • F-22 (Scar and nes4day)

  • CH-53E (Rocket and CUP)

  • New M136 model (TF47)

  • SMAW (TF47)

  • Added new SPC Camelbak model

  • Added USMC Assaultman role (MOS 0351)

  • Added new collimator effect to M68CCO & M552 Eotech

  • Added M1A2SEPv2 TUSK II groups

  • Added door handling script for C130

  • Added auto target track for UH1Y

  • Adding Glock 17 as placeable item in Zeus.

  • Added wearable ESS goggles

  • Added more MICH helmets

  • 66mm Smoke Projectile

  • Added Coyote and Woodland DUKE Antennae textures

  • M252 mortar

  • M119 howitzer

  • Stinger pod

  • Static TOW

  • Redish-Orangish tracer for M240

  • Added hidden selections for M4

  • Added travel lock to M109

  • New TOW missile models

  • New AN-M14 TH3 effects

  • New OpsCore models

  • Interim M240 magazines

  • Flare launcher modes (Ctrl+C to change to timed mode)

  • Added proper reload animations for M203 & M320

  • Added compatibility with Lesh's Tow Mod

  • M259 smoke launcher for M113


^ Added M113 FFV rear hatch positions and added rear ramp anim

^ Added magic antirollbar parameters to US tracked vehicles in order to prevent silly AI flips

^ Added travel lock to M109

^ Infantry hitpoint system up to 1.54 spec.

^ Infantry limb damage

^ Weapon string consistency

^ Changed (and sometimes added) vehicles ui pictures in A3 style

^ Added new turret turn limits for M1 tanks

^ Tweaked mass of 6rnd grenade packs

^ Tweaked initSpeed of M576 buckshot

^ Tweaked/added ui icons for uniforms

^ Shadow for AN/PEQ-15/M952V

^ Tweaked UH1Y hud

^ Small spelling mistakes in cfgHints.hpp

^ Javelin can lock on air targets

^ Added missing Author tags

^ M320 is no longer visible in holster slot

^ Tweaked M1911 holster scale & holster offset point to fit (for now) bis vests

^ Some tweaks to FCS code

^ 82nd and Mountain patches lowered not to float over the uniform.

^ Tweaked M113 driver anim

^ Added custom pip handler for M113

^ Re-enabled bolt action for m2010 - works with bipods now. hold fire button in order to halt rechambering animation

^ M320GL now has fire selector set to F instead of S

^ M113 M2 ammo belt clipping in first person

^ New AN-M14 TH3 effects

^ Tweaked M4 sounds

^ Uploaded Kimi fixed HMD

^ Bradley textures with correct camo colors

^ Tweaked armor structural for transport helis

^ Removed old lenses on all ACOG variants and replaced with shiny new ones

^ Leupold Mk4 Spotting scope uses now H59

^ Added new M113 gunner anims

^ Flipped direction of icon_ch47f_ca.paa

^ Fixed shadowLOD bugs for several M16s/M4A1

^ maxSpeed for M1A2

^ Cleaned up gear and weapon lods for optimization.

^ 40mm smoke rounds now use the correct 40mm slug model when fired

^ Added thermal map to M113


@ Fixed effects on static M2 machine gun & HMMWV M2 muzzle flash

@ Update US Army D & WD groups

@ M109 now has FireGeometry and Hitpoints set up correctly.

@ Fixed M107 popup error

@ M113 M2 reload feed cover animation

@ Fixed minefield module

@ Fixed bradley wheels dustpos

@ Fixed FFAR ballistic

@ Humvee LOD switching issues

@ Fixed desert M6A2 in woodland tank groups

@ Fixed HMMWV destruction from 12.7 rounds

@ Fixed some UH1Y FLIR screen errors

@ Fixed M109 commander FFV position

@ Added usePiP=1; param for UH1Y Observer - should prevent strange head twisting

@ Fixed Bradley door handler

@ Fixed IK curve rpt errors

@ Changed IR lock for TOW launcher since without that, AI refuse to engage enemies

@ Fixed some "Error compiling '0.5 * (HitEngine1 + HitEngine2)' in 'HitEngine1'" rpt errors

@ Fixed some heat refractions effects for MG's

@ Fixed missing rvmat for AH1Z

@ Disabled attachments on M32 GL

@ fixed descriptionshort for 7.62x51 M240 100 rounds belt mags

@ Fixes to M1 FCS code

@ Fixed FROG first-person hand position

@ workaround for directionStabilization quirks

@ Fixed ramp selection on M2A

@ UH-60M correct crew classes.

@ Fixed glass textures submarine like view

@ Fixed color issues with ballistic glasses

@ Fixed potential C130 explosion during paradrop

@ Fixed alpha issue for ACOG family

@ Fixed C130 ramp anims not visible from cargo lod

@ Fixed C130 turret inheritance

@ 40mm smoke rounds now use the correct 40mm slug model when fired

@ Fixed unarmed M113 FFV proxy placement in lods

@ Magnified scope ranging (Mildot/ELCAN/H59)

@ Fixed M113 commander slot in editor

@ Fixed M113 driver proxies in pilot lod

@ Fixed M113 glass movement in res lods

@ Hovering dump pouch fixed on some SPC variants.

@ removed duplicate strings to clean RPT


  • Removed HEMTT A2

  • Hide FR & MARSOC groups until done.


@ Major M113 model and texture fixes

@ M1A2 driver PiP fixed

@ MK318 & MK262 magazines produce green tracers instead of red


ADDED IN 0.3.9

  • Weapon creates (non-virtual) and new supply crate model

  • USMC SPC & battlebelt vests variations with pouches

  • RG-33 and FMTV pictures

  • M32

  • Glock 17

  • New M113A3 models and versions

  • M150 MGO (ARD) scope

  • Smoke Grenade Setup for M113A3

  • New AH-1 Interior and exterior sounds

  • Add faction USMC (LAR)

  • Hellfire, Sidewinder and FFAR sounds

  • M4, M4A1, M16, M249, M240 new sounds

  • M2 mechanic sounds

  • M134 Minigun servo sounds

  • M136 sounds with tail system

  • M1 Abrams Engine Stop sounds

  • New UH60 sounds

  • New USMC FROG models

  • Added more LWH versions

  • Grenadier (M32) class

  • Added FMJ and JHP ammo - Spartans ballistics

  • M443 HEDP model and textures

  • M781 Practice Round model, config and textures

  • M576 Buckshot Round

  • Added ACH (Norotos)

  • Added VG pictures for M1A1, M1A2, and M109

  • Option to disable/enable FCS target lead (via RHS Options menu)


^ Heat refraction for vehicle machine guns

^ M109 turret traverse speed

^ LWH textures

^ M1911 Texture & RVmat update

^ HMMWV cockpit gauges

^ Zeus compatibility for weapon fire camera shake

^ Updated CE penetration & protection script

^ Add extra fuel to UH-60 with ESSS external tanks

^ Weapon volume rebalance of almost all US handheld weapons

^ Audible distance of most weapons increased to fit the current A3 standard

^ Improved LWH Acc textures

^ General script improvements for USAF

^ Rotated M781 so it flies correctly

^ Improved LWH model and added textures

^ Bradley turning

^ Drastically decreased compression on the M2. The punch is back!

^ Improved HMMWV destroyed textures & fixed some missing elements

^ Increased armour around TOW launcher for Bradleys

^ Improved HMMWV textures, res lods and added additional Green options

^ LWH scale tweak

^ Updated mod logo

^ Major FCS tweaks

^ Major PhysX tweaks

^ Reduced minimal lase range for M1 - 200m main cannon & 50m coax

^ Tweaked FG of M1 around loader & commander stations

^ Tweaked movement ranges for loader mg on M1

^ Tweaked aiming point for AI for M1 tanks

^ Major stringtable fixes (Schmeisser)

^ 6Rnd 40mm magazines

^ Moved eye mem point for M1911

^ Upgraded HMMWV series tire armor

^ Gravity geo boxes component selection removed to avoid ingame collision

^ ACOG FP appearance

^ Javelin and M136 audible range

^ M1 Abrams now uses the right sounds in the right place

^ Arma 3 will now use RedHammerStudios as pbo author in rpt

^ Add realistic bullet and mags to the M240 - M993 hidden for retrocompatibility tho in real life its not used in the M240

^ Option button color changes with game settings

FIXED IN 0.3.9

@ Minefields mines didnt explode

@ Some rpt errors

@ Helicopter 20 & 30mm shell lifetime

@ FCS target lead

@ Zeus works on dedicated servers


@ Fix wrong texture assignmnet on Eotech

@ M18 hidden selections

@ rhs_mag_M441_HE and rhs_mag_M433_HEDP now use rhsusf_40mm_HE as ammo

@ Fixed strange proxy path for M1A1 Tusk I D

@ Tweaked HMMWV fording depth and fixed snorkel not appearing

@ Fixed forgotten sound attenuation values in M998 classes

@ Weapon default FOV changed to 0.25

@ Fixed M1097 antennae

@ M1 Abrams now consumes fuel

@ Removed holo from M240

@ Fixing old US Army faction references

@ ELCAN Scale

@ M1 Abrams series should now create dust particles on the propper places

@ Fixed US Army Gunner for USMC HMMWV

@ Changed M1 & M2 commander anim to fix visible rifle while turned in

@ Fixed M1 damage selections

@ Tweaked few hitpoint for M1 tanks

@ HMMWV Windows should now have less glare

@ Fixed small hole in turret rear of M1 FG

@ Fixed M1A2 TUSK commander cupola shields

@ Fix in Stinger missile lock system.

@ FFAR sound loop

@ Restored displayNameShort for US grenades as it was impossible to cycle through grenade types

@ Fixed addon dependency problem causing crashes on Linux servers when using M136

@ Adjusted M1 Abrams Sound levels




ADDED IN 0.3.8

  • OGPK

  • New M240 model

  • New M249 model (HLC)

  • Added NT4 QDSS suppressor

  • Abrams texture updates

  • Camera shake for AH-1Z M197 cannon fire

  • New M240 and M249 sounds

  • LWH helmets

  • M112 charges

  • New M1A2 TUSK versions

  • Added 3 more 12gauge ammo for shotguns (Slugs, HE-ET, FRAG)

  • Heat diffraction effects for weapons

  • More decals for Abrams

  • New M109A6 textures

  • New M1A1 and A2 textures

  • Leupold Mk4 spotter scope

  • FMTV Shelter variant with animation and healing capability

  • Added bipod legs extending anim

  • Ability to disable vehicle decals with object variables RHS_Decal_Enabled, RHS_Decal_Symbol_Enabled & RHS_Decal_Number_Enabled (see wiki)


^ Lowered Center of Mass for Bradley to prevent rolling

^ Added custom arsenal function to prevent load bug

^ Bradley no longer accelerates forever

^ FROG uniforms have resolution lods

^ Tweaked vehicle paradrop

^ Further HMWWVA2 engine refinements based on new data

^ Renamed several files in rhsusf_hmmwv_c with dependencies

^ HMMWVs now use stringtable.xml

^ Removed cursors from air weapons

^ Corrected faction assignation of 2010 US AA & APCs

^ muzzleFlash for M1911A1 not positioned correctly

^ IndirectHitRange of M230 cannon set to 3m

^ UH-60M rotor startup animation

^ insideSoundCoef added and adjusted to all vehicles to provide better compatibility with ACRE

^ Improved Bowman and associated textures

^ Interior tails for M240 and M249

^ FMTV configs improvements

^ Lerca rescaled to be more correct + various lod fixes

^ US grenade family now uses strings for displayName

^ SR-25M/EC now uses strings instead of normal displayName

^ Bradley PhysX

^ M1-series PhysX

^ Abrams FCS corrections

^ Lowered MOI of Abrams wheels to induce better loss of speed

^ Added missing units to cfgPatches

^ Added rhsusf_c_troops to CfgPatches of various vehicle addons to prevent rare bug with missing entry in addons list which cause loading errors on dedicated server

FIXED IN 0.3.8

@ Fixed AH64 sidewinder errors

@ Fixed UH60M getin errors

@ M1 decals are now networked synchronized

@ Rotated bipod proxy

@ Fixed middle cargo seat in UH-1Y

@ Fixed buggy soldier leg memory points

@ Wrong RVMAT on Squadleader IOTV

@ Harris Bipod has now the correct descriptionShort

@ Fixed incorrect string table entries for Lerca 1200 (Tan)

@ M240 shadows

@ Fixed RG-33 editor wrong factions

@ Corrected US EOD & Marksman configs

@ UH1Y bounding box fixed

@ Fixed ammo cost for US shells

@ Javelin tube sparks when hit

@ AH1 & M2 Radars changed to Tactic display

@ Various fix in US troops configs

@ UH-60M rvmat reference error

@ Humvee armor value added

@ M1 Abrams Loader now able to zero his M240

@ Fixed M134 wrong inheritance in sound cfg resulting in low rof

@ Fixed wrong implementation of underbarrel JR

@ Fixed CH47 seats count

@ Fixed UH-1Y observer get out bug

@ Fixed M112 textures

@ Fixed too many FFV turrets for unarmed UH1Y

@ Update US configs to show icons

@ UGL sounds

@ Fixed US accessories wrong inherited inertia values.

@ Fixed various M1A2 Tusk lod issues

@ Lerca Rangefinder now uses strings

@ Shotgun 12g ammo now uses strings

@ STANAG mags allowed in M249 - Added for realism sake, tho it wont be shown in the appearance.

@ Fixed US vests values.

@ Leica ShadowLOD now use Hard Edges

@ SR-25 now has correct inventory pictures

@ US grenade family has proper/correct descriptionShort


  • Removed gear indicator from AH1Z

  • Removed Radar from UH60, UH1, CH47

  • Removing tracers from AH-1, AH-64 and A-10.


ADDED IN 0.3.7

  • Orange & Yellow Ballistic Glasses

  • Added M203

  • Added Kimi HMD for various helicopters

  • M1911A1

  • Added female radio protocol (WIP - connected only to AAF soldiers right now)

  • Armed FMTV

  • Added open & flatbed FMTV variants

  • All new M240 reload sounds

  • Added all US Weapons to Zeus/Editor spawn list

  • UH1Y and AH1Z

  • Added category class to vehicles (fixes ZEUS cost module recognition + 3rd party mods may use it for better vehicle class recognition)

  • Added AH64 with sidewinders (+ability to equip it via VG to all variants)

  • Added turret traverse sound for M1

  • Added new hand anim for M4+M320

  • Added deploy pivot point for western weapons

  • Add Helicopter D / WD subfaction for each 2010/2014 USMC factions

  • Add Harris bipods to US weapons used by AI.

  • Added Polish stringtables by Gienkov

  • Added directionStabilized = 1; to UH1Y, AH1Z & AH64

  • ported A2 cruise missile - to use [getpos start,getpos target] spawn rhs_fnc_cruiseMissile_launch


^ Tweaked M1 sound cfg

^ Improved compatibility with TFAR

^ Updated Bradley ammo

^ Updated M829 mag count to 30

^ Updated RG-33 & M1025 armed variants ammo count

^ Optimized US Air crew macros

^ Updated ASDG jr compatibility code

^ Improved config for AH64 sounds

^ Added shadow lods for FMTV

^ Merged menuoptions.hpp changes from Russian side

^ Added shadow volume 10 lod to SR25

^ Tweaked SR25 firegeometry

^ Inventory Pictures for Black & Clear Ballistic Glasses

^ Lowered hit value (smaller recoil) for Mk19 + Added some new round (HEDP)

^ SR25 optics proxies changed

^ Changed order of turret in helicopter - compatibility with TFAR

^ Increased 3d ACOG zoom

^ 3d ACOG zoom now uses 16:9 aspect ratio (investigating currently way to have compatibility with different ratios)

^ Added res lods to silencers & muzzle brakes

^ Cargo NVG visible in open HMMWVV, C130 & CH47

^ Added M19 AT mine to minefield module

^ Added A10 to ZEUS CAS module

^ Synced reload anim to character animation

^ Improvement to M1 FCS zeroing

^ Added player autoloading of AT launchers

^ Rescaled SR-25

^ Tweaked EOTECH reticle

^ Added sound attenuation to C130

^ Increased SR25 accuracy

^ Reduced shotgun shell spread

^ Tweaked shotguns ironsights

^ Improved Grenadier IOTV weights

^ Added PMAG round count

^ Tweaked HeadAimDown param - locking on AG targets in A10

^ Bradleys now have the same mobility as Abrams

^ Added door & ramp sounds to helis, C130, HMMWVV & RG-33

^ Added ramp anim for Bradleys

^ New fire geometry for M2A2 ODS

^ Added reslods to FROG uniforms

^ Added wound textures to US soldiers

^ Tweaked door handling on UH60

^ Added rotor destruction effect to western helis

^ Added FFV & window lower/raise action to HMMWVV

^ Removed top & side slot from shotguns

^ Added bipod configuration for M249 & M240

^ Added vehicle paradrop script to C130

^ Added few more get in memory points for UH60

^ Added some FFV positions to UH60 MEV version w/o ESS wings

^ Added M240 & M2 (sep only) anims to M1 tanks

^ Added reslods for M1 FEP tanks

^ Configured turned out angles for M1 commanders

^ Increased TUSK gunner light intensity

^ Added isPersonTurret=0 to M1A2 commander gun & for loaders

^ Added reslods to shotguns

^ reduced cost for western missiles (rearming fix)

^ Added option to manually open ramp in M2

^ Tweaked M2A2 Firegeometry

^ Tweaked M2A2 Geometry & Added roadway lod - its possible to get inside now

^ Added mirror material to unarmed RG-33 mirrors (no black squares while PIP is off)

^ Improved water fording depth for: RG-33 M1A1 M1A2 FMTV LMTV

^ Additional sideweapons for US tankers and tweaked M1A1 M1A2 tank loadout.

^ Tweaked glass hitpoints on RG-33

^ Tweaked M2 MG feedtray cover axis on various vehicles

^ Added glass destruction rvmats & sections in model.cfg to FMTV

^ Added test ability to move inside flying C130

^ Added map icons for all FMTVs

^ Added spare wheel & cover hide anims for FMTV (compatible with virtual garage)

^ Increased RG-33 wheel durability

^ Configured Harris bipod

^ Added new underbarrel proxies to western rifles

^ Changed penetration material for weapons to new weapon_plate

^ Added map icon for RG-33

^ Reworked map icons for HMMWVV

^ Added virtual garage support for M113 & M2 bradley (notice ability to change armanent on M2A2)

^ Updated M1025 loadout to be coherent with the future new lods

^ Added NVG & caps for the US Forces in a smarter manner.

^ Weights of Base Marine Model Improved

^ Updated tankers load-out

^ Divide US Factions in two time periods (2010 & 2014)

^ Added hasBipod param to weapons with integrated bipod

^ Added/Tweaked supply points for FMTV & HMMWVV

^ Added new monitors for CH47 & UH60

^ Added VG support for US helicopters

^ Tweaked destruction materials for CH47 & AH64

^ Changed M1 loader turned out recognition to isTurnedOut command

^ Added visible on ground magazines

^ Changed M4/M16 built in bipods into linked item

FIXED IN 0.3.7

@ Fixed placable Lerca errors (missing pictures/classnames)

@ Fixed flashbang errors for standalone USAF mod

@ Fixed armed HMMWVV leaning

@ Scale of SPC Fixed and weighting improved

@ Fixed FMTV getin memory point

@ FMTV Turret Hatch Size

@ M993 7.62 has now 20 rounds instead of 30

@ Mk18 & Block2 front sight folding added

@ Added eject option for C-130J

@ Fixed AH64 hellfire alpha bug

@ Fixed M16A4 carryhandle ironsight view

@ Fixed PiP optics wallhack

@ Fixed M240 ironsight visible in pip optics

@ Fixed M1A2 TUSK & M1A1FEP geometry (ability to go into hull)

@ Updated US hitpoint & armor values (no longer the US faction inherits values from alien factions with an additional armor; now inherits values from NATO)

@ Updated US vests.

@ Now US helmets weight something, and have proper resistance to perforation.

@ Fixed bolt clipping on M590A1

@ M113 MG squad has now 2 GPMG instead of M249

@ Fixed some errors with ballistic computer on M1 tanks

@ Corrected HMMWVV fording depth values and add differentiation for USMC.

@ Fixed right mirror view on armed M1025

@ Fixed M1025 driver high getin memory pos

@ Fixed USMC decals (alpha sorting) on HMMWVV

@ Fixed M1A2 commander seat sometimes locked permantelty while vehicle not local

@ Fixed non convex component in CH47 geometry (possible CTD fix)

@ Fixed few missing sources bugs connected to non existing M240 MG in CH47

@ Fixed missing anim src glass7 for UH60M

@ Fixed missing UH60MEV copilot

@ Fixed duplicated binoculars in marine loadout

@ Fixed missing M2 muzzle flash on HMMWVV after adding FFV seats

@ Fixed HMMWVV transparency sea bug

@ Removed radar from CH47


  • HEMTTA2, FR and MARSOC scoped 1

  • Removed overlaping cargo seat in FMTV

  • Removed NVG from US soldiers & marines default load-out.

  • Removed M2010 bolt action anim


ADDED IN 0.3.6

  • SR25 (Big thanks to Kiory)

  • KACSTOCK for M4s

  • Mk18s and M4 Block IIs

  • M2010 reload animation

  • M200 blank rounds STANAG and M246 (Are children proof!)

  • Practise grenades

  • Leica LAF 1200 Rangefinder (black & tan)

  • RG-33 ( in early stage of WIP)

  • USMC MICH 2000 helmets

  • AH-64 OIF grey texture

  • Coyote Eagle AII pack

  • Feints RQ11 Raven ( a big thanks to Feint to allow us to include it )

  • Bowman Elite II Headset in various headgear configurations

  • LMTV

  • New infantry classes Added to US Army ( Fire Support Officer, Joint Fires Observer, )

  • FROG uniforms

  • USMC faction (includes Force Recon subfaction) (early WIP)

  • SOCOM faction with MARSOC (early WIP)

  • Add AN/PVQ-31A USMC ACOG variants

  • Weapon bags ( M2 & mortars )

  • Radio Chatter inside vehicles

  • Muzzle breaks for M4/M16 (SF3P SFMB)

  • More versions of M4/M16

  • EOTECH 552

  • 3D PiP Test version of ACOG and Elcan sights

  • New divisional patches for the US Army ( 82nd, 101st, mountain 10th )

  • 7.62 M80A1EPR Ammo

  • C-130J Hercules

  • Rotex5 Silencer M14/M16 Sound suppressor

  • Armament AH-64 variants


^ Joint Rail supported

^ Vanilla accessories supported

^ Stringtable translated to Spanish

^ Stringtable updated for Russian and German.

^ Improved US vest capacity

^ Reweighed US IOTV vest

^ Reweighed US combat uniform

^ Updated M109 PhysX

^ Tweaked ANPVS15 (green glow)

^ Updated FMTV PhysX

^ Added headlights & brake lights to FMTVs & Bradleys

^ Added destruction textures for FMTVs

^ Add RHS equipment in vehicles

^ Added landContact lod for M109

^ Ballistic glasses distribution is randomized among AI soldiers

^ New groups for HMMWV and FMTV

^ Added fake trademarks to ACOG

^ New M134 sounds

^ Improved 40mm flares ( duration and brightness )

^ Added ability to cycle through different grenades types

^ M1A1 FEP Olive Drab texture

^ Moved all stringtables to XML

^ Weapon inertia & mass tweaking

^ Interim HMMWV proxy update

^ Added initElev=5 to M1 tanks

^ Added ability to fold AT4 peephole

^ Added version of grenades for throw animation (without clip and safety ring)

^ Changed M136 positioning for realism sake

^ Add slingload capability to LMTVs

^ configured HEMTT CPK variants

^ Added selection for PiP in A10 cockpit

^ Abrams PhysX Update (new engine parameters, new gearbox setup ratios)

^ Added ability to take control for AH64 gunner

^ Standardizing US helmets armor values.

^ Tweaked 7.62 M80

FIXED IN 0.3.6

@ USAF no longer requires AFRF to play (finally!)

@ Added missing weapon icons

@ Fixed alpha channel issues on Bradley

@ Edited camera shake for AH64

@ Tweaked Bradley glass to protect the commander from enemy fire

@ Added lockWhenDriverOut param for Bradleys

@ Tweaked M2A3 commander turret elevation

@ Tweaked M113 hitpoints

@ Fixed M590 penetration materials

@ Fixed HEMTT materials

@ Changed classname of rhs_m4_m320 into rhs_weap_m4_m320, previous weapons is still available with scope=1

@ Muzzle flash fixes for UH60 & CH47

@ Fixed GAU8 spinning anim

@ Missing ESS from various helmet lods

@ Fixed: some grenades short name too long

@ Fixed Tank Exhaust particles

@ Tweaked armor values of gear, so they can be displayed in the Virtual Arsenal

@ Muzzle suppressor speed corrected in M2010

@ Tweaked destruction materials for m113

@ M16A4 (bipod) now sounds like a M16A1, not like a M4

@ Tweaked behaviour of Zeus controlled M1 FCS

@ M68 sight now fits in the rails

@ Replaced radar with compass on HMMWVVs

@ M14 reload animation when reloading other weapons

@ UCP patches Fixed

@ Elcan correctly zeroed

@ Increased penetrator timeToLive

@ Fixed backpack Rvmat error

@ STANAG tracer mags now have a color icon


  • Removed all Vanilla equipment from vehicles

  • Deleted redundant config parameter envelope to prevent building crash


  • Added M590A1

  • M1083A1P2 Models

  • Added new grenades to US side

  • Added PiP panel for AH64 gunner

  • Added ballistic glasses


^ Improved M1A2 & M1A1 lower hull armour

^ Reduced turret & gun armour on M1 tanks

^ Add additional STANAG mag without any tracer; Remove tracer rounds from M2010 mag

^ M4 stock fixes

^ Adding 200 round mags for the M249

^ Reduced cost ammo for stinger missile (AI should use it now more often)

^ Tweaked 7.62 ammo

^ Reduced IOTV (without pouches) capacity

^ Added new M2 ammo

^ M113 & HMMWVVs use hidden selection textures now

^ M2010 increased zeroing values

^ Reduced cost for Javelin missile

^ Increased flashlight power

^ Added rudder pedal anims to AH64 & UH60

^ Improved AH64 interior

^ Added new fire modes to Bradley autocannon

^ Added ability to fold/unfold AT4 peephole (wont work completely till a3 1.37 version) - use / (optics mode)

^ Added deletion of AI disposed AT launchers after 300s

^ Tweaked AT4 zeroing

^ Added hand anims for M4 with AFG

^ Sorted mirrors on HMMWVVs

^ M2 Bradley TOW tweaks


@ Fixed M113 wobbling at ~60km/h

@ Fixed slingload point for uh60

@ Fixed rtd_center for CH47 (separated slingload & rtd_center vertices)

@ Removed debug info from ballistic computer GUI

@ Fixed missing muzzle flash in desert M113 gunner view

@ Added to M1A1FEP same gunner view as in M1a2SEP

@ Fixed M6A2 stinger lock-on

@ Fixed lead calculations for M1 tanks

@ Removing invisible M2 from M1A2SEPv1 (no tusk), M1A1FEP gunner

@ Remove Bradleys Radar

@ Damage selections fixes for HMMWVVs

@ M2 and M1 map icon centering improved

@ Fixed M4 with AFG shadows

@ Fixed M1A1 TUSK leaning


ADDED IN 0.3.5

  • Added slingload ability to CH47 & UH60

  • Added slingload ability to M1025

  • Added: New sounds for all US weapons and heavyweapons

  • All pbos now require 1.32 minimum

  • Added CH-47 textures by CptDavo

  • Added reload sequences to M4, M16 rifles.

  • Add AGM Javelin TopDown mode (While using AGM)

  • Added M67 grenade and gave NVGs to troops

  • Added: Leupold Mk4 6,5-20x50mm ER/T M5

  • Added: KAC rail covers

  • Added: AR Assistant (M249)

  • Added FFV to appropriate vehicles

  • Added armed HMMWVVs (M2 and Mk19)

  • Added: M2010

  • Added slingload capability to appropriate vehicles

  • Added patchless infantry model with insignia support


^ Fixed m113 bottom textures

^ Added resolution LODs to M113

^ Improved M113 fire geometry

^ Improved m113 gunner view

^ Changed M249 magazine mass

^ Replaced weapon modes with isSelected on at launchers

^ Added sight folding on at4

^ Reduced lag in gunner view while firing Bradley autocannon

^ Added slingload max cargo mass params to CH47 & UH60

^ US Army Infantry - Uniform shine Removed.

^ Tweaked vest shadows

^ Added resolution LODs for US weapons & accessories

^ Added resolution LODs for us soldier model

^ Added resolution LODs for M1A2SEPv1 desert versions

^ Added numberPhysicalWheels param to various vehicles

^ Tweaked commander HMG script

^ Tweaked M113 resolution LODs (IFF panel visible in every res lod)

^ Tweaked M1A2 tusk hitpoints

^ Added resolution LODs for M1A2

^ Added resolution LODs for M1A1

^ Tweaked M136 power

^ New PhysX dataset for M113A3

^ Improved M68 CCO hex texture

^ New PhysX dataset for M1A1 Abrams

^ Buoyancy fixes

^ Fixed M113 gunner hand anims

^ Changed mass of M19 mine

^ Added minTotalDamageTreshold to M113

^ New PhysX dataset for Bradley

^ Brighten black platoon markers

^ Bradley texture fixes and woodland setup

^ Fixed M1025 trunk action

^ Reduced M84 flashbang damage

^ Arma 2 vehicle thermal map fixes

^ Removed zoom from driver triplex

^ Reduced explosion shielding on Bradley tracks

FIXED IN 0.3.5

@ Fixed & improved heli hitpoints

@ Fixed maxFordingDepth for M1, M2, M109 & M113

@ Added new muzzle flash to M113A3

@ Fixed M1 hitpoints (Added track hitpoints, Tweaked turret hitpoints)

@ Fixed ELCAN mipmaps

@ Fixed stinger missile still inside tube after launch

@ Changed Bradley he-t tracer

@ Fixed muzzlepos error in RPT for Javelin & Stinger

@ Added rocket motor fire to AGM-65

@ Fixed HMMWV passenger mirror view

@ Fixed medic IOTV variant shadows in distant LODs

@ Removed decal related RPT spam

@ Fixed wheel reference not initialized RPT errors on M113

@ Fixed missing ; errors in M1 config

@ Fixed crouch bug with AIA TP

@ Abrams tracks turning the wrong way

@ Coax muzzle flash to Bradleys

@ Fixed commander hatch inheritance in M2 skeleton

@ Fixed TOW selection in second resolution lod in M2A2

@ Fixed rhsusf_m113d_usarmy: Recoil - unknown animation source recoil_source RPT error

@ Fixed unknown animation source zaslehROT_HMG2 RPT error on M1A1

@ Added new lights config for m113

@ Fixed zbytek selection in res LODs of M113

@ M109A6 thermals Fixed

@ Fixed M1 damgeHide selections

@ Fixed unresponsive suspension on both HMMWVs

@ Deforming strap on IOTV. More consistency in LOD transitions on various vests.

@ Fixed all M2 cog. Less prone to flipping.

@ Fixed tracer mags

@ Added tracer every 4 rounds to M249 mag

@ Fixed silencer for M4/M16 family (now uses 5.56 silencer instead of 6.5)

@ M109: Right side track teeth do not animate.

@ HMMWVV driver sits very high

@ Fixed M2A3 Busk III antena shadows

@ Improved M4 barrel geometry

@ Increased ammo loadouts

@ Added door anims to UH60

@ Rear sight and zeroing improved in M136

@ Improved M68 CCO red dot visibility during night

@ Added cannon fire camera shake for US air vehicles

@ Lowered crewExplosionProtection for HMMWVVs with tarp doors

@ HMMWVV crews should now get engaged by enemies

@ Removed M320 from 1st Cav SL & TL

@ Mildot, 3.5-10x30mm and 6.5-20x50mm Leupold Mk4 reticles is now accurate and can be used for proper sighting


  • Removed radar from Bradley


ADDED IN 0.3.0

  • Weapons: M4/M4A1, M249 PIP, M240, M14 EBR-RI, M136, FGM-148, FIM-92

  • Scopes: Leupold Mk. 4, M68 CCO, M150 RCO, M145 MGO

  • IFVs: M2A2, M2A3 & more

  • APC: M113A3

  • Tanks: M1A1AIM, M1A2SEPv1 & more

  • Artillery: M109A6

  • Anti-Air: M6A2

  • Car: M998 & M1025

  • Aviation: UH-60M, AH-64D, CH-47F, and A-10A

  • Troops: US Army Armored Cavalry troops

  • Gear: IOTV, ACH, Ops-Core helmets and Combat Uniform

  • PhysX, Advanced Flight Model

  • Realistic Scripted FCS

Release 0.5.6: RHS: United States Armed Forces

This is the release note accompanying RHS: United States Armed Forces release. The mod consists of four modules: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, United States Armed Forces, Serbian Armed Forces and GREF.


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Manual Installation

Unpack the three folders (@RHSAFRF, @RHSUSAF, @RHSSAF and @RHSGREF, note that if you downloaded them separately then the following instructions apply to either/or) from the downloaded archive into the root of Arma 3 installation. Unpack the sample missions into the Missions folder in the Arma 3 root. Add the mods to the start up using either your favourite launcher or by adding the -mod=@RHSAFRF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSGREF; to the launch options of Arma 3 in Steam. Copy the .bikey file to the Keys folder in Arma 3 root.




All the contents of the mod can be found in the Mission editor. The sample missions can be found in Play > Scenarios. The Multiplayer missions can be found in the list of scenarios that is displayed when creating a server.

Documentation and Credits

Full documentation can be found here:

Disclaimer and License


By downloading and using the Red Hammer Studios: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Red Hammer Studios: United States Armed Forces, Red Hammer Studios: Serbian Armed Forces, Red Hammer Studios: GREF or Red Hammer Studios: Escalation mods, you hereby agree to the following license agreement.

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This add-on is provided for Arma 2: Combined Operations or Arma 3 and is not to be used with VBS or any of its derivatives built for the purpose of military training.

Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

The following archives are licensed under APL-SA:

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  • rhsusf_a2port_air2.pbo
  • rhsusf_a2port_armor.pbo
  • rhsusf_a2port_car.pbo
  • rhsusf_c_a2port_air.pbo
  • rhsusf_c_a2port_armor.pbo
  • rhsusf_c_a2port_car.pbo
  • rhsusf_c_ch53.pbo
  • rhsusf_ch53.pbo

The full text of the license can be found here: