August 2015

Welcome To The First Blog

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Hello, I am RedPhoenix, Content Creator for RedHammerStudios. In this first blog entry, I want to talk a bit about the future assets and WIP projects I am currently working on, as well as the current state of our vehicle PhysX.

Over the summer it did not seem that we made any progress. While this was true for a couple of weeks, due to vacation of several team members, we are now back. This meant that I choose another project to work on. Last Tuesday I sat down for a long stream developing the Gaz Tigr we had into the modernized Tigr-M. This meant, that several parts had to be altered, like the hood, but also that several new parts had to be made. The most noticeable ones are the air filtration system on the back of the truck, which is part of the new ABC-system of the Tigr-M, and smoke grenade launchers as part of a self-defense system.

The modernization of our Tigr also means that we will be able now to go down further the road of armed vehicles. Right now, I have planned to have the Tigr-STS, which is the old vehicle with mounts for a PKP and an AGS-30 grenade launcher. This vehicle is meant for light support, but it has some serious firepower against infantry due to the grenade launcher.

The other version I want to do is, as far as I know, only experimental, but I think it’s a cool vehicle and it deserves some attention. This Tigr-M was fitted with a remote control weapon station, which can be armed with either a PKP or a NSVT. The turret is controlled via a control station in the interior.

Also, last but not least, and because it was shown in the last parade, I want to do the Tigr-M with the Kornet-E system installed. But this will take some time, because as of today, I don’t know how the interior was changed to fit the system.

I also was busy creating a new weapon over the past days. By accident, I found a picture of a SR-3M and immediately fell in love with this weapon. The coolest thing about this weapon is that it shares most of its components with the AS Val and the VSS. So basically I am doing three weapons at once! I already added lots of details, so expect a nice looking weapon series.

And now about a more complicated topic: PhysX. Right now, I personally am happy with the stated of our wheeled vehicle PhysX. It feels realistic and believable. I especially like the BTR-series, the Tigr and the HMMWVs. With Arma3 Patch 1.50 a new set of PhysX parameters was introduced, mainly to configure the way steering works. I am yet still trying to figure out which config parameter does what, but I’m sure we can achieve some decent results.

Tanks and other tracked vehicles on the other hand still are a pain to configure lots of things broken. One of the most noticeable is that they are not amphibious, but Bohemia ensured that they are working on it, and it should be fixed at the time or before Tanoa comes along. In the meantime we are still configuring the tanks, and recently we started to adopt a simplistic vehicle PhysX setup as we found out that for heavier vehicles, it would actually work quite well. So for the next release we tweaked the M1 series and all the T-72s/T-90 to have some better vehicle behavior. Also, I have fixed the fuel consumption of the M1 series.

This was it for the first blog entry. I bet many more will follow, and I hope you liked the short overview of my current projects.

Cheers! RP

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