Principle Author:  Austin "Gurdy" Watt


2S25 Sprut-SD is a self-propelled anti-tank weapon designed for the Russian Airborne forces. Can be para dropped with crew inside and uses an extended BMD-4M chassis.

Weapons: 125mm smoothbore cannon with autoloader. Can use normal rounds as well as ATGMs.

Fire Control System

The 2S25 has a complex FCS comparable to the T-80A/U, which includes a laser rangefinder (by default activated by "target lock" key, T). The figure above indicated the measured distance and the type of round loaded.

First image shows the default state, while the second the active state. You can also activate the visible laser beam (for guided targeting purposes) using the interaction menu.

The key Num + switches to night vision (use Num - to return to standard sight). While in night vision it's possible to change the elevation of the gun with the keys Page Up to raise and Page Down to lower the gun elevation. The image below shows the night branch of the sight.

You can change the night vision reticule using the key "night vision" (by default N). The different scales correspond to different types of rounds.

The binoculars key (by default B) open's the ballistic computer window where you can set manually the firing values (can be closed with ESC). The handbrake key (by default X) switch the kind of round that will be loaded next.


The 2S25 has two types of countermeasures: smoke grenades and exhaust smoke generator. The systems are activated by the "countermeasure" key (by default C) and you can switch between them by using the "alternative countermeasure" key (by default Ctrl+C).