Principle Author:  Szabó "archbishop lazarus" Gergő


The BMP-1 is the driving force behind the development of tactics and equipment in the post-Great Patriotic War period was the theory of Deep Battle. In this conceptualization of warfare, large manouevre units such as brigades, divisions and corps would operate within the enemy's operational depth, striking at tactical and operational reserves, artillery, logistics assets, headquarters and even strategic centers of gravity. The keystone of this concept was high mobility, resulting in an emphasis on the protected, mobile firepower of the tank and on the use of aircraft and airborne forces. Because Deep Battle had been pioneered in the period 1920-1938, the concept did not include new post-war technologies such as the helicopter or missiles.

Fire Control System


The BMP-1 has a simple "FCS" (optic system) with a scale that can be used to measure distances comparing it with a human height. On left


The key + switch to night vision (use - to return to standard sight).


NOTE: While using the night vision mode you are unable to change the elevation, nor have more reference than the simple crosshair.

9K11 Maljutka

After launch, missile is fully controlled with mouse. To avoid unwanted movement, damage will be temporarily applied to turret. If you need to do turret adjustment midflight then press Left Shift to temporarily enable turret again.

Missile control is dependent on wind force & currently MCLOS is scripted only for players, meaning AI will achieve much higher accuracy.

After shot is done, manual reload is necessary which will block turret for around 30 seconds.

Key spreadsheet

Action Key Description
Next optic + on numpad Switch to next optic mode
Previous optic - on numpad Switch to previous optic mode
Turret Adjustment Left Shift Unlock turret during MCLOS guidance

External Stowage

All Russian BMP’s have random stowage by default. This consists of 3 hanging ammo boxes on the left, 3 on the right, a log on the back or on the left or no log at all. Placing the following line in the init field in the editor:

To remove all stowage:

habarScr = [this,0] execVM “\rhsafrf\addons\rhs_c_bmd\scripts\bgr_bmd_habar.sqf”;

To enable all stowage:

habarScr = [this,1] execVM “\rhsafrf\addons\rhs_c_bmd\scripts\bgr_bmd_habar.sqf”;

To enable random stowage:

habarScr = [this,2] execVM “\rhsafrf\addons\rhs_c_bmd\scripts\bgr_bmd_habar.sqf”;

To fully customize the stowage:

habarScr = [this,3,[0,1,0,1,1,0,”left”]] execVM “\rhsafrf\addons\rhs_c_bmd\scripts\bgr_bmd_habar.sqf”;

where the array [0,1,0,1,1,0,”left”] describes:

  • The first three digits - the three left ammo crates, starting with the front. 0 - disabled, 1 - enabled.

  • The second set of three digits - the three right ammo crates.

  • The last string concerns the wooden log and can be:

“none” - no log

“back” - back log is displayed


You might want to animate the snorkel. This may be done with the following animation command:

_bmp animate ["RHS_BMP1_Snorkel",X]; _bmp animate ["RHS_BMP1_HT_lemez",X];
_bmp animate ["RHS_BMP1_HT_lemez_B",X]; _bmp animate ["RHS_BMP1_HT_lemez_A",X]

where X should be either 1 (extend) or 0 (retract).