Principle Author:  Szabó "archbishop lazarus" Gergő

This article is work in progress!


The PRP-3 Val is an artillery reconnaissance ( forward observer ) vehicle variant of the BMP-1. It's designed to indicate/acquire targets for artillery and guided missiles and fire adjustment. Typically one PRP-3 is assigned to each artillery/missile battalion but only one in the target acquisition battery of an artillery regiment. It's armed with a single PKT machine gun in the turret. But it also include a 90mm 2P130 launcher. The PRP-3 has in the mod a five-man crew ( driver, gunner/commander and three operators: radio, recon, operations ).

Fire Control System

The PRP-3 has a simple FCS with a scale that can be used to measure distances comparing it with a human height. The key Num + switch to night vision (use Num - to return to standard sight).

NOTE: While using the night vision mode you are unable to change the elevation, nor have more reference than the simple crosshair.