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The Sukhoi Su-25 Grach (NATO designation Frogfoot) is robust Soviet-made twin-engine, single-seat C.A.S jet.

Basic Arma Characteristics


Max speed: ~900km/h


  • SPO-15 Beryoza Radar Warning Receiver

Available weapons

Since MiG-29 was designed as air superiority fighter it poses rather limited air to ground capabilities. Later, with MiG29SM & SMT variants following issue was addressed but for old MiG-29S armament was limited to AA missiles, Fuel pods and dumb bombs & rockets.



Procedure for usage of Klen PS - onboard laser designator - & laser designated missiles (Kh29L, Kh29ML, Kh25, Kh25ML):

  1. Activate laser with R key [ "Next target (in vehicle)" key, binding can be checked by typing in console watch field following code - actionKeysNames "vehLockTargets"]

  2. Green light should be engaged, laser designator is engaged. Now you can adjust reticle position with user15-18 keys.

  3. After acquiring target press Ctrl+T ( "Stabilize Turret" action, actionKeysNames "vehLockTurretView" ) to switch on stabilization.

  4. If you are within launch range (in current released version it is ~800 - range is reduced from 2-3km to accommodate it to Arma scale), orange light on the right should lit up. If you are to close to the target (below 800m) red light will turn on which indicates that you should disengage and do another round.

  5. Fire missile & watch it as it's automatically heading to the reticle centre

  6. After you are done don't forget to switch off laser with R key again. Cooldown time is dependent on duration of laser operation. Lasing below 15s = 15s cooldown, lasing below 30s = 30s cooldown, lasing below 60s = 60s cooldown. Laser can be used for max 60 seconds.

SPO-15 Beryoza - Radar Warning Receiver

Usage of radar warning receiver is described in separate dedicated SPO-15 RWR wiki page.

Further reading

Cockpit instruments are very close to real life (within Arma limits) so most informations about cockpit instruments from DCS manual should be valid in Arma