Principle Author:  Alex "Soul Assassin" Vorobiev


The T-72 is a soviet-made second-generation main battle tank. More than twenty thousand T-72 tanks have been produced, making it one of the worlds prolific tanks, second only to the T-55.

The T-72B is an extensive upgrade of the earlier T-72 & T-72A models. It received a new fire control system, thicker armor, composite armor inserts, laser-guided anti tank missile control system, new 2A46M main gun, stabilization system and a new V-84-1 engine. Some models are also fitted with Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA); The T-72B obr.1985 is fitted with Kontakt-1 ERA and the T-72B obr.1989 & T-72B3 are fitted with superior Kontakt-5 ERA.

The final upgrade of the T-72 series is the T-90.