For Developers


List of systems that addon makers can implement in their own creations [WIP]

Bolt Action System

This system handles both animation (gesture to be exact) & sound for bolt action, both for AI & players. Utilizing weapon event handler ensures reliability & high compatibility with user made content.

Since this solution utilizes those recently introduced EHs, core of the system

class Rifle_Base_F : Rifle {
    class Eventhandlers;
class YourWeaponClass: Rifle_Base_F {
    // inheriting Eventhandlers class for better modcross compatibility
    class Eventhandlers: Eventhandlers {
        // Bolt action EH is in it's own class for better mod cross compatibility
        class RHS_BoltAction {
            fired = "[_this select 0,_this select 1,_this select 2] call rhs_fnc_boltAction;";

    // your bolt action reload sound - {sound path, volume, pitch, distance}
    // it important to include file extension!
    // while engine assumes .wss extension for all sounds which doesn't specify, this one is other
    rhs_boltActionSound[] ={"rhsafrf\addons\rhs_c_weapons\sounds\bolt.wss", 1.42, 1, 20};
    // your bolt action animation [gesture]
    rhs_boltActionAnim = "RHS_GestureRechamberOrsis";

List of rechamber animations available in RHS:

  • RHS_GestureRechamberM2010
  • RHS_GestureRechamberM590
  • RHS_GestureRechamberM1903A1
  • RHS_GestureRechamberM38
  • RHS_GestureRechamberOrsis

Example bolt action rifle (T5000 model by Shaftynsky)

Disposable weapons

Disposable weapons script can be used with all kind of weapons (launchers, sidearms, primary rifles) and, like bolt action system, is based on newly introduced weapon event handlers.

To use it, you just need include following EH into your weapon config

class Rifle_Base_F : Rifle {
    class Eventhandlers;
class YourWeaponClass: Rifle_Base_F {
    // inheriting Eventhandlers class for better modcross compatibility
    class Eventhandlers: Eventhandlers {
        // Disposable action EH is in it's own class for better mod cross compatibility
        class RHS_DisposableWeapon {
            fired = "_this call rhs_fnc_disposable;";

Disposable weapon will be replaced with "weaponnamme" + "_used". i.e. "rhs_weap_rpg26" will be replaced by "rhs_weap_rpg26_used"

Example config

class rhs_weap_rpg26 : Launcher_Base_F [...]
class rhs_weap_rpg26_used : rhs_weap_rpg26 {
    // it's important to use dummy mag on used weapon!

Weapon safe mode

Handles safemode functionality & animations on weapons. By default it's binded to Shift+F key but it can be changed to any other key through RHS Action Menu.


Following code need to be added. If you have grenade launcher on your weapon then make safemode as a last muzzle. Example below

muzzles[] = {"this","GP25Muzzle","SAFE"};
// cfgWeapons
class RHS_SAFE_BASE;    // add "rhs_c_weapons" to properly inherit this value

class YourWeapon: Rifle_Base_F {
    // load script once player hold this weapon
    weaponInfoType = "rhs_rscOptics_yourWeaponHandler";
    // add safemode muzzle
    class SAFE: RHS_SAFE_BASE {};
    muzzles[]={"this","SAFE"}; // last muzzle in the config


In order to have it triggered properly, you need new weapon info type for your weapon, which will call rhs_fnc_safeMode script.

class RscPicture;
class RscInGameUI 
    class RscWeaponZeroing;
    class rhs_rscOptics_yourWeaponHandler: RscWeaponZeroing
        onLoad="['onLoad',_this,'RscUnitInfo','IGUI'] call (uinamespace getvariable 'BIS_fnc_initDisplay');_this call rhs_fnc_safemode";
        controls[] = {"CA_Zeroing","RHS_safemode_handler"};
        class RHS_safemode_handler: RscPicture {idc=9999;}; // IDC is important here!


If you have safety animation already made then you only need to add safemode anim defined in model.cfg

// model.cfg
// selector fire anims
class safety_mode_rot
    type            = rotation;
    source            = weaponMode;
    selection        = "fireselector";
    axis            = "fireselector_axis";
    memory            = 1;
    minValue        = 0;
    maxValue        = 0.25;
    angle0            = (rad -8);
    angle1            = 0;
// safe mode rotation
class safety_mode_safe_rot: safety_mode_rot
    angle1=(rad 21);

Folding weapons system


Deploy hand anim change


Gripod system

Gripod system allows to equip different grips to under barrel weapon slot with proper animations. Implementation requires some model additions (adding blank gripod item), adding some cfg entries & creation of some new classes in cfgWeapons.

alt text

Root Config

class UnderBarrelSlot;
class rhs_rifle_gripod_slot: UnderBarrelSlot
    displayName = "Gripod slot";
    class compatibleItems
class rhs_western_rifle_gripod_slot: rhs_rifle_gripod_slot
    linkProxy = "rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_weapons\rhs_grip_proxy"; // link to your proxy used in weapon

CfgWeapons part


weaponInfoType = "RHS_Gripod1"; - initialize display with onLoad handler

rhs_grip_type="rhs_grip1_change"; - defines for which entry should script look at in weapon config

class rhsusf_acc_grip1 : rhsusf_acc_harris_bipod
    model = "\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_weapons\acc\grips\grip1";
    picture = "\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_weapons\icons\a_grip1.paa";

    displayName = "Grip Pod";
    descriptionShort = "A Grip Pod is a weapon stabilization system that serves as a weapon grip and as a retractable bipod.";

    weaponInfoType = "RHS_Gripod1";

    class ItemInfo
        deployedPivot = "bipod";
        hasBipod = 1;
        mass = 10;
        type = 302;
    inertia = -0.2;
    type = 131072;


rhs_grip1_change, 2 & 3 are standard entries which RHS use for grippod system. Those entries defines class names for weapon changing. You also need to add additional slot to your weapon which handle those underbarrel accesories

ATTENTION: Arma 3 supports only 5 slots for accesories!

Each grip number represents different type of grips & have specific animation like:

  • Grip 1 : Grippod hand animation
  • Grip 2: AFG hand animation
  • Grip 3: Tango down grip animation
class rhs_weap_m4 : rhs_weap_m4_Base
    //used to determine animation switch
    rhs_grip1_change = "rhs_weap_m4_grip";
    rhs_grip2_change = "rhs_weap_m4_grip2";
    rhs_grip3_change = "rhs_weap_m4_grip3";

    //MAX 5 slots
    class WeaponSlotsInfo
        mass = 73.04;
        allowedSlots[] = {901};
        class UnderBarrelSlot: rhs_western_rifle_underbarrel_slot {};
        class CowsSlot: rhs_western_rifle_scopes_slot_short {};
        class PointerSlot: rhs_western_rifle_laser_slot_top {};
        class MuzzleSlot: rhs_western_rifle_muzzle_slot {};
        class GripodSlot: rhs_western_rifle_gripod_slot {}; //link to our gripod slot

Each variant inherits from main class & changes only handAnim. You can also change inertia if you want to simulate better stability with grip attached. You can use macro to save some space in your config. Those subvariants won't be visible in Virtual Arsenal due to inherited "baseWeapon" parametr

Note, that preattaching accessory with LinkedItems is not required and it's here for creating custom unit loadouts in troops config.

#define Grip_Macro(numb,name) \
    handAnim[] = {"OFP2_ManSkeleton",\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_c_weapons\anims\rhs_hand_##name##.rtm};\
    class LinkedItems\
        class LinkedItemsUnder\
            item = rhsusf_acc_grip##numb##;\
            slot = "UnderBarrelSlot";\
// first grippo
class rhs_weap_m4_grip : rhs_weap_m4
    displayName = $STR_RHS_CFGWEAPONS_RIFLE_M4_foreg;
    picture = "\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_weapons\icons\w_m4carryhandlegrip_ca.paa";
    class WeaponSlotsInfo: WeaponSlotsInfo
        mass = 61;
        class UnderBarrelSlot {};

class rhs_weap_m4_grip2 : rhs_weap_m4_grip
    displayName = $STR_RHS_CFGWEAPONS_RIFLE_M4_afg;
    picture = "\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_weapons\icons\w_m4carryhandlegrip_ca.paa";

class rhs_weap_m4_grip3 : rhs_weap_m4_grip
    displayName = $STR_RHS_CFGWEAPONS_RIFLE_M4_grip;
    picture = "\rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_weapons\icons\w_m4carryhandlegrip_ca.paa";

P3D part

Weapon need additional proxy (in our case _rhsusf\addons\rhsusf_weapons\rhs_gripproxy, you can create new one you don't want to create dependency). Position of that proxy can be changed as you wish but you need to take into account that animations need change then too, which is as simple as moving -LeftHand selection in Object Builder.

It's worth to mention that that process of creating custom hand animations could be simplifed by coping this animation [load .rtm and then click on "copy" in that context menu which you get after pressing right mouse button on animation window] & pasting over selection [load your current hand anim, select -LeftHand selection & choose "Copy over selection" from previously mentioned menu]

Example animation & p3d included

RscInGameUI part

You can either reuse those entries from RHS or create your own uniqe, to be sure, it's loaded after changing accessory. It's caused by weaponInfoType entries not being loaded again if idd is same currently running dialog.

Avaialable RHS weaponInfoType entries for grippod system:

  • RHS_Gripod1
  • RHS_Gripod2
  • RHS_Gripod3
  • RHS_Gripod4
  • RHS_Grip_RK2
  • RHS_Grip_RK6
  • RHS_Grip_FFG2

Example code

class RscInGameUI
    class RHS_Gripod1
        onLoad="['onLoad',_this,'RscUnitInfo','IGUI'] call (uinamespace getvariable 'BIS_fnc_initDisplay'); _this call rhs_fnc_accGripod";