Army Combat Uniform (ACU)

Principle Author:  clima_x

The Army Combat Uniform features an additional identity hiddenSelection that can be used to assign rank tabs and name patches to important characters in a scenario, or just for greater personalisation.

While the RHS EULA stipulates that we cannot permit users to publish re-textures the ACU uniform itself (i.e. changing the camo pattern), config.cpp can be written to assign a texture to the identity selection using the hiddenSelectionsTextures[] array:

hiddenSelections[] =

hiddenSelectionsTextures[] =

Otherwise, identity textures can be assigned via mission editor on a unit wearing ACU, using the setObjectTexture/setObjectTextureGlobal scripting commands with selectionNumber = 3

object setObjectTexture [3,"path\to\custom\texture_ca.paa"]

.psd templates for the identity selection are available below:


Google Drive

Or using a simple UV map reference image