Firearms Ammo

Principle Author:  RHS
Bullet Name Bulle Type Year Caliber Penetration*
7N6 1974 5,45x39mm 2,4mm at 300m
7N6M 1987 5,45x39mm 6,4mm at 300m
7N10 Armor Piercing 1992 5,45x39mm 6,4mm at 300m
7N22 Armor Piercing 1998 5,45x39mm 9.6mm at 250m
7N24 Armor Piercing 2002 5,45x39mm 10mm at 300m
7T3M Tracer 1974 5,45x39mm 2,4mm at 300m
7U1 Subsonic 1979 5,45x39mm
57-N-231 1984 7,62x39mm 2,4mm at 300m
57-N-231P Tracer 1960 7,62x39mm
7N23 Armor Piercing 1989 7,62x39mm 7mm at 300m
57-N-231U Subsonic 1962 7,62x39mm
7N1 Sniper 1966 7,62x54mmR 4mm at 300m
7N14 Armor Piercing 1999 7,62x54mmR 9mm at 300m
57-N-323S 1953 7,62x54mmR 2,4mm at 500m
7N13 Armor Piercing 1995 7,62x54mmR 10mm at 200m
7N26 Armor Piercing 2002 7,62x54mmR 10mm at 200m
7T2 Tracer 1970 7,62x54mmR
7BZ3 Armor Piercing 1954 7,62x54mmR 10mm at 200m

*note that values were usually converted from St3 steel to RHA by using following factor: 1mm St3 =~ 0.4mm RHA

Factor was calculated based on density & other parameters of St3 steel

RHA - Rolled Homogeneous Armour -