Principle Author:  Szabó "archbishop lazarus" Gergő


The 2S3M1 Akatsiya (Акация, which means acacia) is was the Soviet made 152.4mm self-propelled artillery piece response to the US 155mm M109 Paladin; to the point that sometimes is even confused with it.

The main gun, the 152.4mm L27 howitzer (2A33), can be elevated from −4° to +60° with a turret traverse of a full 360°. The cannon has a double-baffle muzzle break.

There's also a 7.62mm PKT machine gun mounted on the commander's cupola for anti-aircraft defense and also for self-defense at close range.

It's real life crew consists of 4-6 men (driver, gunner, loader, commander and two ammo bearers), tho in our mod unit has been simplified to 3 (driver, gunner and commander).

Artillery Computer

Firing at distant targets is performed by the standard BIS artillery computer.

Fire Control System

The 2S3M has a rudimentary FCS used for direct fire using a rangefinder.

To calculate a solution press T. This will indicate the range and elevation in the top right corner.

Now you can use Pg Up/Pg Dn keys to increase and decrease your actual gun elevation to match that of the calculated solution. When these angles match you can fire the weapon. Pressing the N key will switch to the night branch of the sight.