M109A6 Paladin

Principle Author:  Alex "Soul Assassin" Vorobiev


The M109A6 Paladin the further upgrade of the American M109 self-propelled howitzer. The mod's M109A6 has a crew of three: commander, gunner and driver (the real version has four: commander, driver, gunner and ammunition loader).

In real life the Paladin can stop and fire the first round in under 60 seconds. Brief redeployment time allows to avoid counter-battery fire and gives shoot-and-scoot capability. It's main armament is a M284 155-mm / L39 howitzer which has a max. rate of fire of 4 rounds per minute. Additionally it has a M2 machine gun in front of the commander hatch for self-defense.

Direct Fire

The Paladin gunner has a FCS for direct fire, it includes different data: a rangefinder that displays the distance to the target in the crosshair and elevation controls. A red cross and the text [RANGE] will appeared when ready the cannon is ready to fire in that position. The key N switch to thermal vision (second image).


Zoom can be activated with + and deactivate with -. You can adjust the elevation using the keys Page Up to raise and Page Down to lower the main gun. In order to hit the target you have to correct the fire until the value in elv equals the value in rel.