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The M6A2 Bradley Linebacker is a short air defense system variant of the M2A2. The Linebacker is armed with a quad FIM-92F Stinger surface to air missile launcher instead of the M2A2 base TOW anti-tank missiles. The M242 25mm Bushmaster gun contributes adjunct air defense firepower and, as with the M240 7.62 coax machine gun, provides self-defense. The M6A2 is manned by a crew of three: a commander, a gunner and a driver and has room for six fully equipped soldiers.

Fire Control System

The FCS includes a rangefinder that displays the distance to the target in the crosshair. The key N switches to night vision (first image) and thermal vision (second image), in positive and negative modes.

Zoom can be activated with Num + and deactivate with Num -. There's also a scale below the crosshair to measure distances comparing to a human height.