Principle Author:  Szabó "archbishop lazarus" Gergő

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The BRM-1K is a is Soviet designed armored reconnaissance vehicle derived from the BMP-1 IFV, with added communications (R-130, R-014D telegraph), and a Tall Mike radar and seats for four additional passengers.

PSNR-5K "Tall Mike" Radar

The BRM-1K is equipped with a PSNR-5K (1RL-133-1) "Tall-Mike" ground surveillance radar which is operated by the commander. When deployed the forward facing radar automatically tracks moving objects. It can detect vehicles up to 7000m and personnel up to 2000m away, however it cannot track objects that are either stationary or moving faster than 110km/h. Radar information is displayed on the commander's map. It can be deployed by the commander from the action menu.